AOA House acknowledges urgency of combating medical student depression

Gina Reghetti, DO writes:

If the AOA really cared about their medical students then they would assist and join doctors with our fight to Impeach Obama, and rid forever his ACA! That’s why the students are depressed Dr. Wax, because they devote their lives to learning medicine but will reap no rewards; most probably won’t be permitted to be doctors without large fees to maintain their licenses and large fees to jump through the “controllers” so-called non-sense, non-scientific agendas, to become corporately owned. Sure, who wouldn’t be depressed. I’m depressed! All doctors are down because they are being so severely restricted to do what they all do best; practice medicine. What’s next? Are the “Controllers” going to claim that we should no longer be in private independent practice because we might suffer from depression? Are they trying to connect mental health stability issues with the practice of medicine as the government has done to our American Veterans that were awarded with their disabilities for PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, then told that now they no longer are permitted to own guns? Really, since when does the AOA care about the doctors’ welfare? Since I have been in practice I don’t recall the AOA or any other medical organization taking concern about the health of us doctors. They all just use us and abuse us. Tired of their politically corrupt agendas and their war against doctors.


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