What would happen if doctors say goodbye to the AOA?

Guest post from Gina Reghetti, D.O.

What would happen if doctors would no longer be members of the AOA? Here’s the power that they exert on us. Once we are no longer “Active” members with the AOA, they will immediately make our board certifications which are “Time-Limited,” go “Inactive.” I know that is illegal. It is a violation. Let’s stand united to seek justice.

I also believe that “Time-Dating” Certifications is illegal! Mandatory Membership is not a good idea; it’s control. Whenever one doesn’t have an option, then that puts individuals at risk due to loss of FREEDOMS.

Once individuals allow little pieces of freedom to be taken away, then more and bigger pieces are removed until there isn’t anything else left to take away from the individuals.

Our national medical organizations, both AOA, and AMA, have been taking pieces of our rights to practice our trade freely away in the free-market system over the years. Restrictions here and there, big government with HIPAA compliance federal fines against doctors and the healthcare system, but nothing against attorneys or any other profession. It is all about discrimination against the doctors.

Yes, USA’s government is doing that because we are allowing them to get away with their non-sense and push their over-all big agenda towards Socialism.

It is through big Corporates involvement with the take-over of medicine that caused all the chaos.

Doctors and Surgeons are the Gold-Standard in Medicine, and they always will be, not “Providers” which are non-physicians. The term was developed by Insurance Corporates to further down-grade the importance of doctors in medicine. It goes along with the ACA “dumbing-down” agenda for the country.

Yet, Corporates want to profit from the healthcare business, make the mandates, make the rules and procedures. They did too. That is why American Healthcare is falling apart because CORPORATES and GOVERNMENT think they know best about PATIENTS’ HEALTH and know best about how to practice medicine even though none of them went to MEDICAL SCHOOL.

The entire agenda from our national medical organizations to Corporates, and Government want doctors factored out of the medical healthcare equation. If they were for the doctors then the agenda that all doctors must comply with would cease to exist. It doesn’t work, and it doesn’t have anything scientifically proven to benefit patients’ healthcare outcome. These agendas are for those that are making the agendas. It’s for their profit and control over Doctors and the Doctors’ Profession of Medicine.

I don’t need Corporates, or USA’s corrupt government to tell me how to practice medicine. I went to medical school and did my residencies to learn how to practice medicine. I did that, no one did it for me, and no one else deserves the credit for it! The agendas are trying to make the public and doctors believe that if they don’t have all of these certifications then they are not that good. Non-sense! I can practice medicine just fine without certification. It is government and Insurance control that attempts to make one believe that they are not competent to practice in hospitals and other settings without it. Non-sense! Control for profit is what that is all about.

Just look at how badly the Government handled our American Veterans’ Healthcare, and look how badly the Government is handling the country! I certainly don’t want them to run Medicine in the civilian sector under PPACA.

I spent more than $1 Million Dollars educating myself to become a doctor. I earned my degrees, and I earned my certifications. My knowledge is why I successfully passed medical school, residencies, & boards. My knowledge does not come from a CERTIFICATION CERTIFICATE that expires! My knowledge doesn’t expire in eight-ten years, and hopefully, I won’t either.

That is the USA’s government, AOA’s, and AMA’s propaganda tactic to make people believe that a doctor isn’t competent if not certified. That is ridiculous, and it’s all a money making racket that was started by insurance Corporates infiltration into medicine. Selling their agendas to hospitals, medical organizations, and any others that wish to listen!

Some doctors don’t get it because they are just way too brainwashed. They have become Robots and don’t even realize it.

The AOA, and specialty boards have lifted the “LIFETIME CERTIFICATIONS” for those doctors that graduated after a certain year. All the doctors prior to the designated year will be allowed to keep their “Life-Time Certifications.” Just doesn’t make sense. If certifications are so very important, which they are not at all, then all doctors would be required to have certifications.

The AOA, and specialty boards have allowed big government and third party Insurance Corporates to infiltrate medicine. By them doing so, government and insurance Corporates are mandating so many non-sense requirements, including agendas that are only for the Insurance Corporates to invade patients’ private, and medically confidential health records or they refuse to reimburse. It isn’t about healthcare it’s all about control of medicine and removal of the doctors as the key role players.

Independent Osteopathic Medicine is the way USA’s Medical care was meant to be.
Fee for Service, paid at the time of service, without Insurance and Government involvement. That is the only way to protect privacy and to deliver the best healthcare for patients. Medicare audits doctors that use the modifier code “25” when Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) is used with office visits, even when we are mandated to use that code. The Government is restricting our trade! If Osteopathic Physicians don’t get paid then we cannot survive all the ridiculous mandate fees to operate our private businesses. The government keeps pressures on doctors so that they close up practice and sell out to the big Corporates that are favored by the government.

Their involvement is one of the biggest reasons Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons cannot afford to do Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) with every patient. It’s because they don’t reimburse appropriately, don’t understand the true healing value of OMM, don’t want people to get well, and stay well. Osteopathic Medicine is the most cost effective healthcare in the world if it is allowed to be practiced as it was intended to be practiced. It just doesn’t fit “their” agendas and that is why the so-called leaders wish to see it end. People get well, people don’t need toxic pharmaceuticals, or all the other “procedures” that big Corporates and government wants to push. That is all segmented healthcare and not total body: mind, body, and spirit healthcare as the Osteopathic Medicine Doctors practice.

Big Pharmaceuticals sales wouldn’t be needed nearly as much when OMM is effectively used. Therefore, that interferes with the big Corporates’ profit in sales and stocks.

We all know that the United States’ Government is right with the big corporates of Insurance and Pharmaceuticals. One knows that they help fund political candidates all the time and increase their stock revenues.

The USA’s government has started a war against doctors.

Osteopathic Medicine must stand by itself.

Learn more about these many issues that doctors are facing at Twitter: @drginareghetti, @IP4PI, @AAPSonline . Links for web sites and videos to teach doctors how to break free from all the non-sense control are available.

I stand OPPOSED to what the AOA and AMA are doing to our profession!

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