We cannot give in.

Dr. Gina Reghetti responds to the events at last week’s AOA House of Delegates meeting in Chicago where the HOD approved the GME merger and brazenly blocked a resolution in opposition to OCC/MOL.


They are cowards. They all go with the flow in fear of consequences that would threaten their medical licenses. What good is it being a doctor when non-doctor providers practice medicine and are not bound by the same laws as doctors? We aren’t permitted to do anything anymore due to government and insurance regulations, and now the powers are fighting to take away self-pay for medical services.

Over the last couple of years, I see in my practice how government has forced its way into private practices and plan to monitor our every move. It’s as if they are just waiting for something, anything, to close the doctors down.

I see this all as a criminal matter,violating our Constitutional Rights, and we need legal representation that will over-throw the AOA’s agenda, and any others that stand in our way. The AOA is not demonstrating representation, it’s demonstrating dictatorship at its
finest. Do as you are told, don’t ask questions, and don’t oppose or disrupt our agenda. Do what you are told because the AOA has said.

It is very evident that the current government administration is out to destroy all doctors due to their knowledge, leadership, and authority. We are doctors, and we do have a voice that I refuse to allow it go unheard.

As far as I am concerned, I refuse to jump through their non-sense agendas to continually prove ourselves. Doctors have worked hard enough getting to where they are, and I refuse to give my limited, hard earned money back to organizations that keep us down and silence our voice.

We all must take a stance to boycott the AOA since they have turned their back on doctor members.

Dictatorship era we now live in and so many people don’t realize that “We the People” are the representatives in USA.

Representative government: It used to be that people were told that the United States was a “constitutional representative republic.” They were told that their freedom consisted, partly, of the fact that they “had a voice” in their government through their representatives.

The true representative will even work to undo the errors of those who preceded him by attempting to cancel all “illegal laws” that had been passed. If he fails in this duty, one cannot be truly classified as a representative of the people, but becomes a dictator to the people.

We all can see this unfolding right before our eyes, at national, state, and local  governments, and courts as well.

We cannot give in. Our livelihood depends on us.

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