Urgent Letter to NSYOMS Board Members and AOA Delegates

Osteopathic physicians: it is critical for you to send a similar letter to your state society TODAY!

NYSOMS Board Members and House of Delegate Members,

I would share with you and especially the house of delegates members, the seriousness of the path that the AOA has taken in its several components of restructuring our profession and representing not only those who are members but all Osteopathic physicians, without seeking the opinions of the whole of the profession. As we have seen in the past several years they are moving closer to making massive changes in our way of education, training, post graduate educations and practice that may be irreversible without great expense and may spell disaster for our profession.

They have not been cautious and thorough in vetting out all the financial, educational and structural issues that may arise in the course of the unfolding of the new plans. These include specifically the Proposed ACGME merger that appears now to be defacto in place without even one “public” disclosure of the plans that will effect every professional in this country. MOC, MOL, and OCC in its current format is also a part of this assimilation process that is diluting our ability to function as physicians and as specifically as Osteopathic Physicians at a time when the world is going to need our brand of philosophy, decision making and diagnostic abilities more than ever.

My perspective on this is not however, my appeal to you on any of this. I would gladly trade all of that for all of you to simply read the three treatises that Norman Gevitz has put forward on this prior to your arrival at the House of Delegates meetings this summer, only a few days away.

All it will do is take a few mere minutes out of your day to read them and from that activity you might begin to prepare yourselves to get answers that this profession needs before further pursuit of the ACGME merger is even considered much less acted upon. It is my sincerest hope that you, among the brightest people I know who have the educations we need to move forward and the leadership we need to maintain a sane and carefully chosen path, have already considered these things and are prepared to enter into a serious discussion and alter the direction of the AOA.

I have included links here to those documents and pdfs are attached below as well just to be sure that you have received them. Additional information is available at http://www.saveogme.com .

Structure and Dysfunction

Unintended consequences of the ACGME merger

Little MD or Big DO

Please ask the questions Norman Gevitz has proposed and get the answers to all of them before allowing any further progress in this potentially very expensive and massive profession changing merger.

Sincerely yours in service to our profession and to our patients,

Charles J Smutny III, DO, FAAO
Former NYSOMS member and classmate as well as peer

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