When will the ACOFP decide to start advocating for physicians?

Dr. Henwood:

I just read the email report about the future of physician payments:

Will you be discussing how performance measures takes time and energy away from patient care?

Will you be discussing how it is third party performance measures that you are endorsing which takes away from patient care and raises greatly the cost of business in a practice?

Will you be discussing how many physicians are terminating their contracts with insurers and working directly with patients to avoid the intrusions into patient care?

Will you be discussing how many physicians are planning to retire early because they are tired of dealing with third parties and just want to be physicians who treat their patients?

If you do not discuss any of the above issues then you are missing the boat.

As an Osteopathic physician, and as my father who was an Osteopathic physician before me, we did not go into practice to work for government or third parties.

When will the ACOFP decide to start advocating for physicians, instead of abdicating our authority and treatment choices to third parties?

I would be happy to discuss any of the above matters with you at any time.

Please call me at my office.

Dr. Steven Horvitz


Direct Care & Individual Healthcare Healthfreedom is Solution to Healthcare Mess

All physicians must consider moving to Direct Care; Hippocratic Oath based medicine where patients choose the professional, the mode of care and pay a competitive rate directly at time of care. This will eliminate expensive and wasteful government, insurance and hospital healthcare system bureaucracy administration costs. Individual physicians should work directly for each individual patient in a direct relationship. I call it “individual healthcare healthfreedom,” as opposed to insurance and hospital system oligopoly domination, or
Government healthcare fascism.

Best wishes for good health,
Craig M. Wax, DO
Family physician, Editorial Board of Medical Economics
Host of Your Health Matters
Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS FM
Twitter @drcraigwax
Independent Physicians For Patient independence @IP4PI

ABA Leadership has seen the Light and it is $$$

Dear Tom:

I know you received my prior and recent email and have not heard from you since. This was evident in your concerns that your “secret” communication was disseminated. Please realize the open nature of the internet and ability to find data there!

As an ABA diplomate, currently listed as “moc compliant”-what a joke, and member of the ASA and licensed physician anesthesiologist in PA, I find it UN-collegial of you to fail to respond to my previous email. Think it is time to really sit down and discuss the problems facing the ABA as a member of the ABMS. Your non-response clearly indicates your inability to discuss openly the real issues of extortion propagated by the ABMS. NO wonder, with the imposing leadership and financial obligations your new position imposes. YOu could make THE difference,but we both know you never would have gotten the job if you had a moral backbone. We both also recognize that the ABA NEVER wanted to go down the road of MOC or time limited certification, but I guess you and the leadership Have seen the Light and it = $$$$$$$$.

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Medicare’s Alphabet Soup: A Primer

writes Lawrence Huntoon, MD, PhD:

Medicare is not mandatory for any “beneficiary,” but there are penalties that make the voluntary choice to opt out of Medicare as a “beneficiary” very painful.

Part A is paid for primarily by payroll taxes and is strictly a wealth transfer scheme (current Medicare beneficiaries who are not working pay nothing for Part A). If a “beneficiary” opts out of Part A, then that beneficiary forfeits all Social Security benefits (no SS checks).

Part B is paid about 75% by general tax revenue and about 25% from premiums paid by beneficiaries. A beneficiary can opt out of Part B without forfeiting SS benefits, but if the beneficiary decides later to opt back in to Part B, there is a significant penalty to be paid via increased premiums for every year the beneficiary did not pay into Part B.

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ABA should do the right thing: abandon time limited certifications completely #MOC

Paul Kempen, MD, PhD passes along correspondence with Lehigh Valley Health Network, Dept. of Anes. Chair Dr. McLoughlin with a short intro:

Just this week, Lance Talmage as Chairman of the FSMB board indicated that “300,000 physicians” are currently enrolled in MOC-as a very supportive statement. With over 850,000 docs in the USA this documents a small 37% acceptance! This needs to be advertised. It is time for the ABMS tyranny to be “irrelevant”!

Dear Dr McLoughlin:

Please consider the fact that Grandfather recertification is a non-starter, with well below 10% compliance to date. As the ABMS and the ABIM continue to push all 24 affiliates to subscribe to their demands, physicians are beginning to lose employment secondary to certification expirations. This is a real problem faced with the “physician shortage and baby boomer onslaught”. As “MOC compliance” becomes the “new standard” under ABMS tyranny, everyone becomes extorted into “compliance” or retirement. At the same time, non-physicians are being given the right to practice medicine and anesthesia, also outside the state board oversight. Some highly-trained nurses in Minnesota will no longer be required to have a physician supervise their work. Gov. Mark Dayton has signed a bill that gives advanced practice registered nurses the authority to practice independently.The licensing change, which takes effect Jan. 1, applies to nurse-midwives, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists and registered nurse anesthetists. That makes Minnesota the ninth state to grant full practice and prescribing autonomy to all four categories of advanced practice nurses.

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People who thought they were getting free stuff…

The land of the free has been transformed into what Big Government can give people for “free.” Offering people “free” stuff, or what they perceive to be free or nearly free, is what buys votes.

The tipping point where a majority learns they can vote themselves money from the treasury, is quickly approaching.

Paul does not complain when Big Government robs Peter to pay Paul.

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