Dr. Gina Reghetti asks the AOBFP about unproven, non-scientific OCC MOC agenda

May 21st, 2014

Ms. Carol A. Thoma
Executive Director
American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians
330 E. Algonquin Road, Suite 6
Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005

RE: AOA # 064509

Dear Ms.Thoma:

I am in receipt of the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians letter from you dated May 14th, 2014 indicating that I have passed both cognitive and practical re-certifications in Osteopathic Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, and that my certificate re-certification period will be from January 1st, 2015 to December 31st., 2022, a period of eight years only.

I am writing to inquire if the OCC, the Osteopathic Continuous Certification process is required to keep my Ohio Medical license.

I am opposed to the AOBFP’s and the A.O.A.’s agendas and demands that are forced upon us doctors in order to keep our certifications. It is very wrong. I am also opposed to the so-called cutoff date for doctors that are exempt from continual re-certifications if their initial certification certificates are before March 1997.

The re-certification process makes absolutely no sense and it is discriminatory against doctors that fall after that date, such as myself. It is wrong, and it must be stopped. It serves no purpose, for if it did all doctors, not just specifically selected doctors would be required to re-certify. It appears to me that the individuals involved with making the rules have excluded themselves from such guidelines of mandatory re-testing.

This last re-certification examination process has cost me thousands of dollars and has added debt to my already financially strained practice; I cannot afford to continue with this time consuming and expensive process. I certainly don’t appreciate that my medical organizations and medical boards don’t seem to care about us doctors. The entire United States’ Agenda appears to have created a “War against Doctors.”

I have no intention of ever re-certifying again for I believe it is a big waste of doctors’ hard earned money, and that it is totally unfair and bias. Most doctors feel the same.

Please inform how the process will work for me since I have no plans to ever re-certify again because I believe that my certificate should be just as those that have theirs prior to March 1997, non-expiring.

Do I still need to participate and pay enormous, unjust fees for the OCC process to keep compliant with my CMEs Continuing medical educations credit hours or am I permitted to select continuing education categories that benefit the patients that I see and still fulfill the American Osteopathic Associations requirement for continuing education?

Also, please inform if the AOBFP has waivers that allow doctors to be exempt from the OCC process and still keep their certifications without expiration, such as financial hardship, or other hardships, and if so please inform of the application process, if not please inform why not?

Doctors have worked very hard to earn our certifications yet the individuals involved with promoting and pushing this agenda does not care about doctors; it sure appears as if they want to take it from us if we fail to continually pay and jump through the unproven, non-scientific agenda of a select few that have much to benefit from this process.

I am a daughter of a late World War II Veteran, and I can say with certainty that this current America isn’t what my father fought for; no Veteran fought for socialism, and I refuse to go along with it.

I thank you for your understanding of my concerns and I trust that you will pass them onto those that are involved with enforcing these changes upon us doctors.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Dr. Gina Reghetti, D.O.


4 thoughts on “Dr. Gina Reghetti asks the AOBFP about unproven, non-scientific OCC MOC agenda

  1. June 13th, 2014 Friday

    Dr. Wax:

    I haven’t received any response back from the ABOFP regarding the certified letter that I sent them on May 22nd, 2014. I guess it is easier to ignore doctors’ issues rather than address the issues on hand about the War against Doctors and their illegal agendas.

    The fact of the matter is what they are doing is illegal. They are trying to take advantage of all the Osteopathic, time-dated, Board Certified Doctors, just as president Obama takes advantage of the American citizens, and started the war against doctors.

    I think it is so wrong what the medical organizations are doing to their doctors especially since the doctors that took the extra steps and expense to get board certified are now told that they must pay more money yearly for AOA membership fees because of their certifications. They actually penalize rather than praise doctors that are boarded. So, not only are the doctors mandated to be a member of the AOA but now they must pay yearly membership fees plus added expense for each board certification that was earned. Board Certification is a life-time earned certification but the organizations feel that they are allowed to now charge doctors for it.

    What a joke!

    One can see why they even started the board certifications to begin with; that being so that they all can profit and feed off of the doctors like parasites.

    I believe when any medical organization goes against their doctors then it is time to shut them all down, put them all out of business, and expose the fraud, and abuse of our medical profession organizations.

    Well, I trust that thing will make a positive turn. If not, then we need to take them all down!

    Let’s round up all that feel the same way.


    Gina Reghetti, D.O.

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  3. Gina,
    This is really old. I am not sure what your stance is 3 years later. I finished in 1998 and missed the 1997 cutoff. I do not think I am going to certify a 3rd time. We make so little money it is ridiculous – and I have served the osteopathic profession well. I just sent $1050 in May to retake the boards. I just got an email saying I cannot take them because they did not get my license and residency information before June 1st. This is my 3rd time! My residency cannot change. I understand your frustration and I was just searching to see what anyone else was doing about it. I tried to go ABFP but since I was not in a dual accredited residency I am disqualified. Perhaps if we can find enough people who agree we can make a difference.
    Elizabeth Gunther, DO, FACOFP

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