Generics vs Branded Meds: Which is Better?

Generic prescriptions can vary in amount and potency by up to 40%; 20% under or 20% over stated mg dose. With some meds, this makes little difference, but makes a huge difference in others. Insurance companies and government programs force the patient on a trial of frequently substandard generics prior to approving the patient to get brand meds. Then they make the copay so high, the patient is unable to afford it. Big pharma should be in freemarket competition with competitors to bring prices down direct to patient without insurance kickbacks called, “rebates,” to be favorably listed on insurance formulary menus. Until generics are more exact, brands are held to higher standards and frequently better.

Best wishes for good health,
Craig M. Wax, DO
Family physician, Editorial Board of Medical Economics
Host of Your Health Matters
Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS FM
Twitter @drcraigwax
Independent Physicians For Patient independence @IP4PI

1 thought on “Generics vs Branded Meds: Which is Better?

  1. I agree, Dr. Craig Wax.

    I like to refer to Generic Medications as POISONS.

    Generic medications have a higher rate for adverse problems. Haptens are small chemical compounds that when combined with macromolecular chemicals transport the active ingredients to the cellular level. If medications do not have a reliable hapten chemical to transport the active ingredient then the medication doesn’t get to where it is needed and therefore, it doesn’t get to do its job. As a result, it does things to the body that it shouldn’t do, such as create diseases. Many of the chemical haptens that are made for Americans are from other countries and are unregulated by the U.S.A.’s FDA. They are considered “fillers” and the FDA doesn’t check the standards of such chemicals that enter the United States.

    I believe that generics came about to harm the American patients not help them. The pharmaceutical companies and the government will attempt to make many believe that generics lower the medical expense of healthcare in America. I say that simply is not true. Due to generics, many more individuals are harmed and even killed. If the government was concerned about healthcare cost, pharmaceutical corporates would be their main focus because the costs of medications for Americans are higher than any other country in the world. It is all about corporate greed, not health, and safety, for our people.

    I believe that the generic takeover of the pharmaceutical line of American medications is just another terroristic attack on the American people. The government and insurance companies have caused such great chaos that people can no longer even use their private, family owned pharmacies for their medications. This is all intentional.

    The insurance companies refuse to pay for peoples’ medications unless they are shipped away to the insurance designated mail-order pharmaceutical companies. This is so that medications can easily be massively altered without any suspicion. So terrorists can easily harm our American people and get away with it. I believe that the biggest loss of lives will be dealt through the contaminated mail-order pharmaceutical line that will predominately target our American senior citizens, and disabled people. I am highly opposed to all the generic medications. They simply are not the same as brand names. I also will say that the wealthy do not take generics. They aren’t even asked to take generics. It’s not even an option. In all parts of the world people are treated differently than others based on their wealth, here in United States it’s no different.

    The majority of American people are fed poisonous medications by the pharmaceutical companies. Now, millions more will be fed poisons due to the expansion of Medicaid because of the ACA: Obamacare. Far too many Americans will get their share of the deadly cocktail, called generic medications.

    In my practice, once I take away the patients’ medications, they improve- always. That speaks louder than words. Don’t fall prey to the greedy corporate world, especially when it comes to medications in this day and age. The chemicals do not have to pass USA’s FDA guidelines when it comes to generic haptens, which are the chemical fillers that are combined with the active ingredients. Don’t depend on the government to save ones’ life.

    There are many on-going research studies that indicate that the haptens may be responsible for increased cancers.

    The haptens, which are small chemical fillers, are responsible for transporting the active ingredient to the cellular level. Brand name medications take the active ingredient to the cellular level smoothly, without disruption. Whereas, many generics eventually get the active ingredients to the cellular level but they too go through changes chemically, break down along the way, and sometimes never make it to the designated cellular level, therefore; their job doesn’t get done. The analogy is like driving to work in a wrecked, broken down vehicle, or driving to work in a new luxury vehicle. It’s the chance that one must take. If it can be avoided take the ride in a new vehicle because one will have a much better chance of getting to where they planned, when they planned, without difficulties. Medications are not always needed; I believe that they are pushed.

    Also, don’t forget that pharmaceuticals are big stock profit for many, especially the United States Government. That’s why they push pills down Americans’ throats and brainwash the general public in believing that they work. Not always true at all. Pharmaceutical chemicals have serious effects on the body and when taken with multiple medications these effects are compounded to have deadly consequences on the human body, immediately, or slowly over time, by causing initiation of new diseases and symptoms.

    Medicine is much more than medications. So always remember anyone can write prescriptions but it takes knowledgeable doctors and surgeons to understand the pharmacokinetic cellular responses to those medications and apply that with years of medical education focused on the human body to synthesis a treatment plan that is unique for each and every person. Medicine is not a one size fits all approach, as ACA Obamacare mandates it to be. Medicine is an art and a science that focuses on the human body and its regulation to maintain homeostasis, a complete balance. Medications should only be used if absolutely necessary, and only after other alternative approaches have been tried. The human body, as Osteopathic Medicine would approach it, has its own regulatory ability to self-regulate and heal itself. If that is disrupted then dis-ease begins, and if left untreated, disease results.

    Dr. Gina Reghetti, D.O.

    Stop the war against Doctors!
    Government, Insurance, & Pharmaceutical Corporates, get out of Medicine!

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