To All D.O.’s Nationwide – Opposition to Maintenance of Licensure

Date:       April 22, 2014

Subj:      Opposition to Maintenance of Licensure

On April 1, 2014, the House of Delegates of the New Jersey Association of Osteopathic
Physicians and Surgeons, passed the attached resolution directing the AOA, our
representative organization, to stop supporting Maintenance of Licensure and to
actively oppose it.

A Resolution on this issue was presented to the AOA House of Delegates in Chicago, in
July of 2013, but was promptly side-stepped by referral to Committee.  Since no official
response was received 8 1/2 months after referral, a stronger and more direct Resolution
was submitted to the NJAOPS House of Delegates and passed with little dissension.

The main purpose of the Resolution is to protect all D.O.,s, especially the 50% of all practicing D.O.’s who are either non-certified or lifetime certified.  The AOA should be protecting the rights of D.O.’s to continue their practice of osteopathic medicine, and not partnering with federal organizations to set up roadblocks and onerous, time consuming, and expensive procedures in order to re-license every few years.

Bear in mind that the NJAOPS resolution makes no reference of any kind to certification.

Please pass this NJAOPS Resolution on to your state societies and to your specialty
organizations for their feedback, input, and, if they agree, their support.  It would be
great public relations for the AOA to send a communication to all of its members that
it is representing all D.O.’s  by no longer supporting the concept of Maintenance of Licensure.

Also, please feel free to contact me or any NJAOPS HOD member for further clarification.

Robert S Maurer, D.O.
PCOM Class of 1962
Past-President, NJAOPS (1976-1977)
Member, AOA and NJAOPS House of Delegates

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