Dr. Chip on Release of Medicare Physician Payment Data

Please take note that whatever AOA says or CMS for that matter, they are NOT DISCLOSING how many refusals to pay they generated, they are not disclosing how many bill backs they generated over that same time period, they are not disclosing how many cases were given to the FBI for Hunting purposes and they are not disclosing how many patients they refused to allow access to treatment, by denying coverage.

Transparency only for the things that make physicians look bad is actually what they are doing and they created the circumstance that framed all that. I believe that it is not coincidental. We are being made scape goats. And you thought that ended with World War II?

~ Dr. Chip


CMS Announces Release of Medicare Physician Payment Data—AOA Responds 
Despite strong opposition from the physician community, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will publish how physicians and other health care practitioners billed Medicare for services they provide and what they were paid. CMS announced on April 2 their “intent today to take another major step forward in making our health care system more transparent and accountable. We plan to provide the public unprecedented access to information about the number and type of health care services that individual physicians and certain other health care professionals delivered in 2012, and the amount Medicare paid them for those services, beginning not earlier than April 9.”The information will include physicians’ provider IDs, their charges, their patient volumes and what Medicare actually paid. The data will not identify patients, and CMS will remove data that pertain to physicians with fewer than 11 Medicare beneficiaries. The AOA expressed strong concerns in a letter to CMS on Sept. 5, 2013, regarding the then-proposed release of physician data and urged CMS “to exercise caution when considering the release of individual level physician payment data.”The AOA reiterated these concerns in an April 3 letter and requested:

  • CMS not release such data until it has been proven that the information is actually of value to the public, and that the public can and will use that data in a meaningful manner.
  • CMS provide each physician the opportunity to review their own data and dispute any information before public disclosure.
  • CMS strongly consider the impact and unintended consequences this policy might have for physicians and their patients.

The AOA will continue to advocate that public disclosure of data must be carefully implemented to include proper safeguards and context.


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