Single accreditation for MDs and DOs by 2020?

Dr. Gina Reghetti comments on Dr. Wax’s letter to AOA (also copied below):

Dr Wax,

I hope he answers back. I wish that we could find an attorney that would file suit due to them restricting our unique trade of Osteopathic Medicine, a national historical healthcare system, that originated in America.

The agenda is definitely against the American way. Osteopathic Medicine, cannot be classified together with Allopathic Medicine. There has to be something that can be filed legally.

Look how far the NPs and PAs have come, yet we are taking another step back to discrimination years ago when DOs weren’t considered doctors. How can this be?

We doctors are just pushed completely out of the picture. Obama needs to go.
When I talk to the younger DO students, they really don’t care about Osteopathic Medicine, just being a doctor is what they strive for. I get twitters from younger doctors that comment on my post, and they indicate that they don’t feel any discrimination against doctors. They are totally clueless.

Even when I was in Phil. for the OMT boards, the doctors taking their practical for the first time, didn’t think anything was wrong with medicine and was actually going to argue with me on issues that I was discussing with other doctors.

I just don’t see the uniformity amongst doctors that needs to be there. Far too many are tied in with the corporate side of companies owning doctors and telling them how to practice.

When I was in my residency, I wrote a letter to the CEO of the hospital informing her that I would resign from my residency because she hired an MD internist that wanted to hire a NP to be in charge of our residency. Residents would have had to listen, be taught, and answer to her. Well, long story short, the CEO, fired the internist because I caused such a protest and told the internist that he was outdated, ignorant, and had to go.

I told the CEO that I would file a lawsuit against the hospital because I spent thousands of dollars educating myself to become a doctor, and that I would not tolerate anything but a DO training me. It was bad enough that he was an MD that didn’t understand anything about Osteopathic Medicine.

I will also say that I saw our AOA/AMA preparing to rid us from the main equation, when the AOA allowed MDs to learn our gift of OMT because they wanted the money for the CMES. I knew once the MD also could do OMT, there would be an argument that nothing is different. It was all part of the agenda. Now, look where we stand, a merger of DO/MDs pathways.

We spent years learning the science, art, and philosophy of Osteopathic Medicine and then the AOA opened it up to a cheap quick course that then gave MDs the right to bill using our codes. It was so wrong then, and it is so wrong now. It tells the world that we don’t need Osteopathic schools, because there isn’t any difference. That was their whole agenda back years ago.

Osteopathic Medicine is unique to us, those that go to Osteopathic medical school, but not anymore.

The AOA doesn’t protect the Osteopathic philosophy of the mind, body, and spirit because I see the infringement of it constantly, everyone, and everything, uses it in their slogans. The AOA isn’t aggressive enough to fight the important issues, they would rather lead us down the wrong path.

I just don’t understand how can dentists practice cosmetics with botox, etc..NP, PAs, and so many other get advanced practice rights when DOs have lost theirs.

The boards are telling how, and what we can do in our practices.

We really need to clean house, and rid the ignorant ones out of our House.

When I was an extern, I fought so hard to bring these issues to the so-called leaders, but they all thought that I was a radical. I never went in the direction that they all were taking medicine to. I never believed in NPs or PAs and felt that nurses are very important when they practice as such, nothing else.

I am so turned off by so many in this country and their total stupidity.

Attorneys, just cannot get it. When I explain the impact of the government and state on our profession, they just look at me, clueless on how to tackle things. Very limited.

Keep fighting bro! We will win…just cannot give up. We need to hit them where it hurts and get suits filed, start petitions, and get all on board to Save America’s vital healthcare, Osteopathic Medicine.

One would think that the schools would jump on board but it doesn’t seem as though they really care. Just workers, that are non-doctors, running things, and envying us doctors.

Gina Reghetti, DO

Letter from Dr. Craig Wax to AOA Pres. Vinn

Dear AOA Pres. Dr. Vinn, et al.

This letter is in regard to, “Single accreditation for MDs and DOs by 2020,” in family practice news this month. We have been told by former AOA President Dr Ray Stowers that in recent years Osteopathic schools proliferated too quickly and created the need for more residencies than AOA could supply and government could fund. We were then told last year that the only solution would be to combine our Osteopathic GME with allopathic MD ACGME. In the article Dr. Vinn states, “… But Osteopathic training programs will still retain their unique focus.” He goes on to say, “this is an opportunity to both reinforce and proliferate or principles.” The question I raise is how is it possible to train, reinforce our principal teachings, philosophy and skills while not experiencing the potential disaster of the California experience of 1960?

As a product of, and believer in Osteopathic principles, schools, internships, residency training, postgraduate fellowships and CME, I believe our programs offer unique and distinct advantages over the other possibilities that exist. This unique Osteopathic approach to training, education and practice must be maintained for the betterment of human health. Under the plan to merge osteopathic graduate medical education with ACGME we would be absorbed, overrun and thereby changed to accommodate only the allopathic practice model.

Osteopathic graduate medical education has always strived for independence and excellence. This merger of programs would be a catastrophic mistake in the history of osteopathic medicine. Our DO distinctiveness would disappear from the practice of medicine of the merger goes to completion. The logical sequellae of the merger would be the loss of Osteopathic Medical philosophy in practice, as well as, all of our DO program directors will lose their jobs by the merger completion date of 2020.

I offer the DOs COMITT alternate plan to save Osteopathic training programs: The first step would be control of and smart steady growth of osteopathic schools, not uncontrolled proliferation. Osteopathic training programs produce diverse physicians with a large number of primary care specialty physicians including family medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, etc. The second step is the AOA to bring the data of our current primary care programs’ output to the government authorities and Congress that authorizes money for training programs. If we can mount a organized and cogent movement to convince the Congress and government leaders to champion the cause of primary care specialty training, they will support it for the good of the country’s health and their own political goals. Please consider this approach previous to your acceptance of the ACGME merger program which would destroy our osteopathic integrity.

Best wishes for good health,
Craig M. Wax, DO
Family physician, Editorial Board of Medical Economics
Host of Your Health Matters
Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS FM

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