Six priorities for AOA

Patients and physicians must be free to exercise their rights and options based on their unique priorities and value systems.

IP4PI - Independent Physicians for Patient independence

  1. Unrestricted DO licensure by states.
  2. No OCC MOC (only CME).  It is burdensome in expense and hundreds of hours away from patient care.
  3. No MOL as it completes the regulatory capture of medical practice by government and special interests.
  4. Protect individual private practice physicians and their patients from insurance, government and special interests.
  5. Repeal ACA/obamacare and replace with freemarket traditional insurance and patients pay physicians directly(insurance reimburses patients)
  6. Preserve the osteopathic physician so he or she is free to pursue their art for the betterment of patient health.  
After all, only patients can judge our work and pay for it. All levels of government, insurance companies and, even the AOA and its specialty boards are ultimately unqualified to judge us. We can and must only be judged directly by our patients; each one, every minute, everyday.

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One thought on “Six priorities for AOA

  1. AOA stop making membership mandatory!

    Remember we are still living in a free country.
    Stop all the rules and regulations that restrict doctors and surgeon from practicing their trade of medicine.

    Stop adding non-sense fees in addition to the AOA membership for certification fees. Why are you punishing doctors for being smart and achieving high levels of specialities? Stop the political agenda that is aimed at destroying Independent Doctors and Osteopathic Medicine, the finest form of medicine on the face of this earth!

    Work with the doctors, not against them. Stop the states’ medical boards abusive actions against doctors that deprive doctors of their constitutional rights, when the medical boards refuse to allow the doctors their rights to discovery. How can doctors defend themselves if the doctors are not permitted to know who, what, when, and why individuals file complaints? Step in, get involved and investigate the corruption within the state medical boards. It must stop!

    AOA must get more aggressive with protecting their doctors!

    When complaints are filed against attorneys, they’re immediately made aware of who the individuals are that filed the complaint, what the complaint consist of, and any other information that is needed to satisfy discovery. When complaints are filed against doctors, the state medical boards refuse to give the doctors any information and they deprive the doctors of their due process of the law.

    The State Medical Boards are anti-doctors and surgeons and have no respect for our level of intelligience. They get away with corrupt and very abusive behavior. The state medical boards need to be shut down. They are absolutely useless and are a waste of tax payers money.

    They extend practicing rights to non-physicians that do not have adequate training to be permitted to practice medicine.

    AOA leaders, be the change that the Osteopathic Profession needs to survive; don’t continue down the path of destruction by following in the steps of others that have only harmed the doctors.

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