“Taking Back Medicine for Patients” National Doctor’s Day

Sunday, March 30, 2014

11 am ~ 4 pm 

Sponsored and Supported By:
John V. Kelly Jr., M.D., President Medical Staff
Clara Maass Medical Center, Belleville, New Jersey
Nanina’s In The Park – 540 Mill Street, Belleville, NJ  07109
(973) 751-1230

To All My Physician Colleagues:
The time is now — with no time left.
The practice of medicine is no more.
The welfare of the American people has been forgotten.


Join with all your fellow physicians who have taken the oath and help stop this systematic erosion of the practice of medicine.

(Please RSVP Dr. Tedeschi’s office @ 609-259-8440 / mrstedeschi@comcast.net ASAP with a yes, maybe or no — and spread the word to your inner circle of physician colleagues) 

Let’s make history together and save this once noble profession.

We are witnessing…

…the repetitive and redundant money making credentialing/certification process…

…a move toward the elimination of the practicing physician and his/her private practice with Nurse Practitioners as replacements – people without a medical license, people who are not doctors!

…those without medical training are writing the rules, passing legislation, creating guidelines, heading departments and issuing directives that affect each and every one of us and the future of all Americans.

…new legislation within the Affordable Care Act that will jeopardize our medical licenses.
We, As Physicians Have The Solution.

We hope to see you there.


John Tedeschi, M.D.
Family Medicine & Specializing in Gerontology/Geriatric Medicine
One Medical Plaza
54 Robbinsville-Allentown Road
Robbinsville, NJ   08691
(609) 259-8440

In advance of the meeting, the below are links to some items you might find useful and informative.  All are scheduled to speak at this event.

Dr. Tedeschi’s “White Paper” can be seen reprinted on Liberty News Online at:

Dr. Jane Hughes Fox interview, “Granny gets thrown off cliff” commercial can be found at:

Dr. Paul Kempen’s “MOC Must Go” reprint can be found at:

Medical Economics article, “It’s time for MOC to End” can be found at:

Dr. Hal Scherz, Docs4PatientCare.com, appearance on Fox News can be found at:

Dr. Westby Fisher’s link to his “MOC goes mainstream, but should it?” can be found here:

Dr. Edwin Leap’s link to his Emergency Medicine News is here:

Andrew Schafly, Esquire discusses “the war on doctors” here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gEq7AzDCbE&feature=youtu.be

Dr. Craig Wax discusses the failure of Canadian healthcare with Dr. Fullerton:

The perfect storm in medicine: A call to action http://medicaleconomics.modernmedicine.com/medical-economics/news/tags/craig-wax/perfect-storm-medicine

Alieta Eck, MD, 2012 President of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, http://www.aapsonline,org; Co-founder, Zarephath Health Center, www.zhcenter.org
Candidate for US Congress, NJ-CD12, www.eckforcongress.com

Dick Cunningham, President of BroadcastProductions.tv is heading up our media and PR campaign.  He will be videotaping the session — and will also be available for technical assistance for Skype, slide/Power Point shows or conference calls.

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