Americans’ health regulated by Insurance Corporates

Written by Dr. Gina Reghetti, D.O.

Patriots, I wish to inform all of the excessive control that insurance companies are exerting on doctors’ practices, and hospitals, which is seriously altering the acceptable medical standard protocol that doctors are to follow to ensure quality and safe delivery of medical healthcare to patients. As a result of this insurance control, more and more patients are being harmed with no accountability, no regulatory legislation enforced against the insurance corporations. Doesn’t that seem strange? Health and safety are priority, and second to nothing! What is more important than one’s life?

Patients have different medical insurances, each mandating upon doctors different “protocols” that must be followed, or else they refuse to pay. Therefore, they hold the patients liable for their own bills and alter doctors’ standards of medical care. These protocols are not acceptable to the doctors but the insurance companies are calling the shots, and are getting away with such negligent actions. Even when insurance-mandated protocols are followed, some insurance companies refuse to pay. 

One of my patients had an insurance policy that mandated that they use the “insurance” company’s designated sites for laboratory and diagnostics. This ensures that the insurance companies put their profit back into their own corporate-owned facilities. This is against the law. It’s “conflict of interest.”  The patient did just such, but “critical” lab results were never forwarded back to me. I received “critical” lab results over seventy-eight hours later, seriously jeopardizing this individual’s health. Is this intentional? People are dying for no good reason because of insurance companies’ infiltration into the medical profession, like an incurable disease. Isn’t it cheaper to let people die than treat them? Why aren’t they stopped? 

The “tort reform” passed in 2003. It capitates judicial awards to victims that are harmed, but this doesn’t help the doctors, because their medical malpractice premiums are still escalating for no apparent reason. It doesn’t help the victims either. The long-term goal is to “knock out of practice” all privately-owned doctors’ offices by elevating their premiums to unreasonable rates, so that all doctors will be forced to work out of a corporate office without any deviation from “insurance protocols.” The United States has a plan in action to totally eradicate private doctors from independent practices, and from the equation of healthcare. Individuals now suffer by not being properly awarded for significant damages, and for not being able to choose doctors of their choice. We doctors are not in support of that. We are in support of stopping ridiculous insurance premium fees, and for stopping insurance companies’ control over the doctors, stopping their control over the entire medical profession, and for stopping their control over Americans’ healthcare. 

The insurance companies used the doctors by falsely informing Congress that they would decrease the doctors’ medical malpractice premiums if Congress would pass a “capitation reform” on reimbursement awards for lawsuits. The government is fully aware that the insurance companies have failed to honor this. The United States’ Congress has turned away without making any attempt to correct the escalating rise of insurance premiums, or to help doctors so that they can confidently ensure quality medical care to patients without insurance monopolized mandates and control. 

Who are the insurance corporates?  Are they our own government? Are they a body of financially wealthy individuals that regulate and control global events? Are they terrorists? Think about it. Who helps insurance companies win their battles and helps insurance companies strip Americans of their rights? Could it be attorneys? Who pays for attorneys’ salaries?  Who donates millions of dollars to our political candidates during election campaigns, and periodically throughout the years?  Could it be insurance companies? Of course!  Finally, some of these attorneys are starting to see the real big picture after they have been used by these insurance monsters.  The attorneys now realize that they actually harmed themselves, pushing for capitation of judicial awards. Their income now is severely diminished. The only ones that are making the money are the insurance corporates.  This further enhances their ability to control. The attorneys have saved the insurance corporates billions so the insurance corporates can continue to ambush the American peoples’ health and safety.  Sounds like a well-planned out plan for a terroristic attack to me.  It also sounds like the loss of America’s freedoms. 

The purpose of an insurance policy is for protection if one needs it, but if an individual actually has an incident that costs the insurance companies any money, then the insurance companies usually drop them, or they raise the individual’s premiums.  That is considered “retaliation” and it is also “against the law,” but for some reason, these insurance corporations are “protected” by the United States of America’s government. They don’t seem to have to follow the same laws that the rest of the American citizens have to follow.  It sure seems suspicious to me.  These insurance corporations’ giants are making the bucks at the stack of Americans’ health.  Doesn’t it seem odd that we have rules and regulations, and more laws and regulations for just about everything else, except specific rules and regulations against insurance companies’ “control” over doctors, hospitals, patients, and essentially the entire country, and world?  After all, If one researches enough they will find that these “insurance corporates” are “backing” the great United States of America with all of the “political campaigns” that are for their best interest. This is “conflict of interest,” and it is against the law!  Remember the Golden Rule?  “Those who own the gold make the rules.”  Does that mean that these so-called, no good, insurance companies rule over “We the People?”  When there is massive amounts of money, there is control, and where there is control, there is always evil.  Let us join together to Free America!

4 thoughts on “Americans’ health regulated by Insurance Corporates

  1. Recent concern of one of my patients: I hear this over and over again, patients being violated by insurance corporates. Teach patients how to defend themselves against Insurance and Governmental Abuse. Patients listen to your doctors, your life depends upon it.

    Patient: “Doctor, I have to pay $500.00 per month for my insurance policy, and I also have an out-of-pocket deductible of $5,500.00 per year.”

    Doctor: “Let me repeat this so that I understand it correctly.”

    I explained to the patient:

    Doctor: “So you pay $500.00 per month to have insurance. That is $6,000.00 per year just to be able to say that you have insurance, correct?” “For $6,000.00 a year you are permitted to now say that you have insurance, but it is not safe for you to say that it covers your healthcare, correct?”

    Patient: “Yes I think that sounds correct.”

    Doctor: “So, before you can even get your insurance company to “consider” coverage of any of your healthcare expense, you need to spend an additional, out-of-pocket expense of $5,5000.00 per year, correct?”

    Patient: “Yes, doctor.”

    Doctor: “Are you aware that you are spending $11,500.00 per year just to now say that you have insurance and that you have reached your yearly out-of-pocket expense?”

    Patient: “No, wow, I never thought of it that way until you pointed that out. I never even knew that it cost me so much for nothing!” “No wonder why I never have any money.”

    Doctor: “That’s right, it cost you $11,500.00 per year for nothing!” “So, drop your insurance coverage and stop the abuse against you from the insurance corporates!”

    Doctor: “If you doctored with me for lets say, every week for one year, you still would never have a medical expense over $5,000.00 dollars per year. My point is that you will NEVER meet your yearly out-of-pocket expense, if I were your only doctor.”

    Patient: “I cannot believe it! What on earth am I paying for?”

    Doctor: “Oh believe it, because millions of Americans are doing exactly what you are doing, and they are doing that every year like clock work.” “You, and millions of other Americans are paying the insurance corporations to be able to donate to our government for political campaigns that help remove your rights from you.” “Patients are not paying for healthcare. If patients were paying for their healthcare, they would be only paying Doctors and Surgeons, not third party corporates that do not care at all about your health. They care about generating profit and not spending a penny on patients’ healthcare.” “Just think for one moment: people buy gas, food, clothes, pay their bills, etc., they do not go through insurance companies to pay for the gas for their cars. They do not say to the clerk at the grocery stores, that they will have to have their insurance cover their food. They do not go to the malls and buy items that they want or need and tell the representatives that they need to bill their insurance for the products. If they did, they would never get out of the store with their products. If they took the products without paying, they would go to jail for stealing. So, why do Americans think that they need insurance to pay for their healthcare? The insurance companies instill fear into consumers, and clients, so that they control what Americans can and cannot do. The sad part of this is that Americans don’t even think of what they are doing. They don’t question these so called monster insurance corporates or any of their third-world-representatives that now have authorization directly from the Americans that participate with them, to view, review, deny, or rarely approve, anything that has to do with healthcare. Americans’ identities are at risk of criminal events, exposure of privacy, and so many other violations. Yet, Americans are just “going-with-the-flow” doing as they are told, by insurance corporates and by government officials that are not there to protect and help, but are there rather to control and take.”

    Doctor: “Please always know what you sign up for.”

    Doctor: “Insurance corporates and goverment have no place in Medicine.” “Don’t become a victim. Stand up for your rights and please protect your privacy and freedoms always or soon there will be no more.” “Patients need to understand that Independent Doctors are Fee-for-Service, which means, that patients are to pay doctors in full at the time that medical services are rendered.” “The same way people pay for their food, gas, or other products.” “People need to find Independent Doctors that will care for them: break away from all the control.”
    “That is the way it was prior to insurance companies’ and the governments’ infiltration into medicine.” “We doctors are for patients, we are not against patients, we protect our patients.” “Doctors and Surgeons spend their life-time devoted to learning how to better care for patients, so never allow anyone to make you think otherwise.” “Doctors and Surgeons do not need individuals that do not have the medical training to order us to do something. We are always for the patients and no one knows more about caring for patients then we doctors.”
    “If patients do not stop the insurance companies abuse and stand up for their rights, soon insurance and governmental involvement will be infiltrated into peoples’ entire life. One will need insurance coverage to buy a weapon, one will need insurance to go to the movies, etc.” “This is the beginning of total control and the entire loss of freedoms as we have known it.” “This is how it starts, and this is how it destroys.” “It always begins with healthcare.”

    “People need to pay for the things that they want or need, not insurance corporates, not government.” “Break away from government and insurance companies control.” “Do it now!”
    “Americans have their constitutional rights, the law of the land to protect them. Don’t be afraid to use them.” “If one doesn’t use them, then we all will no longer have them.”

    Doctor: “When Americans feel that they no longer need to be in control of any of their affairs, then bad things happen to them by others that then control them. A responsible person is always aware and in control of their own money.” “When others control and lend or advance money to the people then the people no longer are in control.” “So please stand up and help bring this country back to its people by starting with taking back control of your own life.”

    Patient: “Thank you Doctor for spending so much time with me and explaining all of this to me because I never understood anything that I signed up for, and I certainly didn’t realize that the insurance companies were not going to pay my doctor. You are the one that has earned the money, and deserves to be paid, not the insurance companies.”

    Doctor: “Exactly, now you are seeing clearly, and I trust that this information you can share with your loved ones, friends, and any others that you may know to help them understand that insurance is not for peoples’ healthcare expense, it’s for the people to have an insurance policy, insurance coverage that’s all; it’s not about having your doctors’ total expense covered by them. People pay insurance companies for “policies for insurance healthcare,” yet it is the insurance companies that decide whether or not they will pay the doctors. The policies do not ever write, we will cover all of your healthcare expense regardless of cost without any denials. People are giving away to insurance companies, their hard-earned monies that gets them nothing in return. It is criminal! Only the people themselves can stop the abuse by not participating with the insurance companies abusive nature against the noble profession of medicine, and against the gold standards in medicine, the doctors and surgeons.”

    Patient: “Doctor, how much do I owe you for today’s visit?

    Doctor: “That is the correct approach. Pay your doctors for the medical healthcare that they provide to you. People that go against doctors are going against everything that America stands for. Nothing is more important than a person’s life, never let an insurance corporate decide whether one gets to live or die.”

    Dr. Gina Reghetti, D.O.
    Independent Physician

    • I just happened to be looking up on the web how IPAs are regulated and came across this article/site. As a Family physician in practice for 21 years in the Los Angeles area this article is sadly correct…as I see it from a physicians standpoint and from myself being a “patient”(especially in the last 4 years).
      As a caring and compassionate physician and human being I find it more frustrating and challenging now more than ever to truly take care of patients that put their trust in me. The non savy consumer /patient has NO CONCEPT of where their hard earned money goes. And yet all they come to me for is to help them with their ailments. In this era of medicine it is very sad that the truly caring person can often get disillusioned with all the hurdles. But at the end of the day I go home knowing that I cared for that person and did my best.

      This was an excellent article and I agree with Dr. Rheghetti. Unfortunately the delivery of healthcare services is now like a much tangled web with patients and doctors fighting for our proverbial lives.

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