More on National Quality Forum (NQF) Corruption

Ken Christman, MD on NQF Scandal Part II:
I just want to emphasize the criminal nature of what is going on here.  National Quality Forum (NQF), along with all the other quality entities, are populated by the likes of Denham, Wachter, Romano, Cassel, Baron, and all their accomplices.  They are like leeches, syphoning off resources from the system, based on faulty research, or no research whatsoever.  The end goal is to enrich themselves and the companies they represent. And, Medicare/Medicaid, supports it!!  What does this mean?  The Federal Government, which has no constitutional authority to engage in any type of health care or medical care, is overseeing the drain of resources from the populace into the hands of the elite, who have complete access to legislators via NQF.

This is blatant theft, and the government is aiding this theft.  Then, Medicare turns around and claims it doesn’t have enough to pay doctors, and resorts to an even more injurious scheme–SGR.  Then, the AMA enters the scene and wants a commitment to not have any reimbursement increases for 10 years in order to end SGR!! Who do they think they’re kidding.  The Federal Reserve has just expanded its balance sheet by over $3 trillion and hyperinflation may be just around the corner, and they’re going to price-control physicians into bankruptcy?  They AMA is either stupid or corrupt, most likely a combination of both.  It certainly qualifies as a conspirator, as it has expanded its assets by publishing CPT Code books, and the more complicated they make life for physicians, the more money they make.  The AMA doesn’t do anything of substance on the MOC matter because it is one of the entities involved in this whole scam.
We’ve got to point fingers at all these criminal elements.  The AMA has no right to “negotiate on behalf of U.S. physicians.  Less than one in 6 belong to the AMA, and we must point out that the AMA is working AGAINST the welfare of the physicians it claims to represent.  We need to incarcerate some of the rest of the MOC conspirators, and we need litigation against Medicare/Medicaid for its involvement in funding these conspirators.
Those physicians who are delegates to state medical societies and/or AMA should be actively writing resolutions to stop this conspiracy.  We should all publish.  Get on the airwaves.  Educate the public.  Above all, educate the legislators.  Be aware, however, that the legislators are often tainted by the money stream as well.  Occasionally, one finds an honest one that can be educated.  If you find an honest one who can be educated and has the guts to stand up, you’ve found a stick of dynamite.
Finally, whenever you find the words “patient quality”, “patient protection”, etc., look out for the underlying criminal enterprise behind it.
Ken Christman

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