Canadian Healthcare crisis: Gate Keeping for Whom?

Dr. Craig M. Wax interviews Canadian physician Dr. Merrilee Fullerton on Your Health Matters #YHM on Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS FM (Show podcast page She reveals how decades of socialized medicine in Canada have led – not to universal care – but to widespread scarcity and rationing exacerbated by the outlawing of freemarket individual care. Canadian patients have until now been able to escape this rationing by crossing border into the U.S.  However, under ObamaCare, the abundance of care here may no longer be available.
Click on the link for the YouTube version.

1 thought on “Canadian Healthcare crisis: Gate Keeping for Whom?

  1. United States of America has a president that has one agenda, that being to destroy the American doctors and surgeons. American citizens’ health and safety are all at risk. I believe that any president that doesn’t put the American Veterans first is Anti-American and will only do harm to Americans. One can see that our president doesn’t care about them or us (Doctors & Surgeons); therefore, citizens in general.

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