PPACA Obamacare population control vs private individual healthcare

Governmentally mandated Obamacare violates United States’ federal laws; it selectively targets and is against independent American physicians and surgeons that choose to practice their trade, the art and science of medicine independently, without bias from insurance corporate control, in the privacy of their own offices.

There is no question in my mind, after reviewing the government’s web site for Obamacare, that the president’s master plan, I believe, is not for healthcare of our American citizens, but it is his primary objective to dismantle the noble profession of medicine, and specifically target the independent physicians and surgeons that are not under the bias corporate control of the gigantic insurance and pharmaceutical companies that he is in support of.

The government approved healthcare insurance exchanges on the government’s web site targets the citizens into managed care, healthcare choices that selectively eliminate peoples’ right to keep and have their own private physicians, and, or surgeons. Rather, they are channeled through insurance choices that mandate which doctors that they go to, and even determine if the insured actually get to see physicians or surgeons at all. Under these exchanges, one cannot keep their private, independent physicians, or surgeons, even if they wanted. This is governmental dictatorship at its finest. I am certain that most individuals feel the excess force and demands placed upon them to do things that they feel that they should not have to do. Government does not belong in medicine, or in individuals’ lives.

The choices are abbreviated managed care options. Most people do not understand what managed care even means. The insurance exchanges on the website do not explain anything to their potential clients. The listed exchanges do not list an option for independent, private practice physicians and surgeons as a choice for the insured. Therefore, the government knowingly discriminates outright against all independent physicians and surgeons, and seriously violates the doctors’ ability to practice their trade freely. The government’s website that lists the options that are available to all Americans, deliberately, directs insured patients away from privately owned and independently practicing physicians and surgeons that are free of corporate bias. Therefore, the United States government also violates insured citizens of their rights to have access freely to physicians and surgeons of their choice.

Governmental infringement on the doctors’ trade of medicine is against the law and must be stopped. Doctors, and all concerned citizens must get involved. They must not go in the direction of governmental destruction of medicine, which will ultimately disrupts individuals’ healthcare, and sacrifice their health and safety.

The government has seriously infringed upon the doctors’ right to practice their noble profession of medicine independently without fear, force, or persecution. There are not any professionals more highly educated and trained in the field of medicine then doctors and surgeons. In the noble profession of medicine, physicians and surgeons are the gold standard, not providers. Providers are non-physician providers that are used predominately for Obamacare insurance exchange healthcare plans. They predominately operate under the dependent control of the bias corporations that employ them. There is no autonomy.

Obamacare continues to weaken the nation’s standing further as it sacrifices human lives by displacement of independent physicians and surgeons from their professional roles in medicine.

When a government focuses its energy and efforts on control of the peoples’ healthcare there must be great concern as to what the hidden agenda really is. It will not stop its demands at healthcare.

Dr. Gina Reghetti, D.O.
Independent, Private Practice Physician

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