PPACA Obamacare #EpicFail The data conclusive and jury has returned verdict

The evidence is overwhelming that PPACA cannot be sustained or even run by the government and will ultimately cost far more than predicted by anyone thus far which is many times more than what we were “Promised”. No promises on this law have been kept and excuses pour profusely from the government offices in many forms and associated with massive denials o for the truth.

1. IRS is now in charge of enforcement of money penalties/tax. They also now will have access to ALL you personal data and have been shown to discriminate against private citizens and groups based on political leanings

2. The PPACA Obamacare legislation boards and compliance will cost trillions of dollars. Congressional mismanagement has led to our country buying buried in debt that the taxpayers cannot bear. The exchange website alone cost over $600 million dollars and didn’t even function to allow citizens to browse options or register appropriately. It also gave in accurately low insurance quotes for the moments it functioned in recent days. These are grounds for the immediate termination of Kathleen Sebelius, HHS secretary who was responsible for this debacle.

3. The website and computer network coordination between government, insurance companies and the public interface is not secure nor private. According to world computing & networking experts, like intel, the whole apparatus is subject to piracy, errors and data loss due to inadequate planning and time. This is evident in most government projects and to compound the problem, they go overtime and over budget on the peoples dime.

4 The policies and restrictions in PPACA Obamacare directly resulted in insurers raising premium costs 20-200% for employers and full time employees, and those in the individual market. This has caused employers to stop sponsoring healthcare for their employees or pass on the costs directly.

5. PPACA Obamacare was repeatedly sold by the President on lies and the congress on diversion. President Obama said in more than a dozen different public televised addresses, “You can keep your plan if you like it. You can keep your doctor. It will save money on premiums.” All three were known by the administration to be lies and propagated constantly to the public. These are grounds for the impeachment of President Obama.

6. Private practice physicians are being forced out if their practices to be mere employees at hospital run ACOs which PPACA Obamacare calls for. This is restriction of trade and violated federal law.

7. Most US businesses are moving their full time jobs to part time to avoid the expensive compliance with PPACA Obamacare. The regulations cause employer sponsored healthinsurance prices to spike, in turn causing employers to reduce their exposure to these unshoulderable costs by reducing full time employees to less than 50; the minimum specified in the legislation. The net result is less citizens with full time employment and less with employer sponsored healthinsurance. This is killing the economy.

8 Central planning by government at taxpayer expense also ways goes over time, over budget and fails to accomplish stated goal, like universal healthinsurance.

9 socialist plans, like PPACA Obamacare, failed everywhere they’ve been tried, worldwide. Cuba is a shining example of free healthcare and total government control of all freedoms; total failure

10. In most states there are few healthinsurance companies that are even willing to assume the risk of developing a huge bloated overpriced plan that meets PPACA Obamacare standards, to compete in the taxpayer subsidized exchanges.

No real competition or differentiation of plan options, no efficiency, price competition, means no true value for tax paying consumers or any other entities within the system. Even the government has a bad outcome. Everyone loses; taxpayers, individuals, employees, businesses, and government.

We the people, in order to maintain our union and our personal freedom and responsibility for self maintenance and determination, must immediately repeal PPACA Obamacare, and establish new political parties and make independent candidates possible. The statism of the federal government, the socialism of the Democrats and the corporatism of the Republicans are destroying us. We must restore personal responsibilty and freedom so that we many live.

Craig M. Wax DO

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