When will media report both sides of PPACA Obamacare?

How is it that the media continues to attempt to distract the public away from the real problems in ACA. While they worry about access to a web store, real healthcare choices are going down the tubes. While they concern themselves with the grand standing and the Government shutdown, the media ignore a price hike in basic drugs that should be bringing law suits by the thousands against big Pharma. While they shout about who is responsible for this mess, the largest spending package in history [ which does not even have a clearly defined number of pages to the law (900-2700 plus pages depending on who you read)] is being lead into utilization without even a glimmer of the outrageous fees hidden within it and as yet undiscovered costs that seem fine for the investment community but spell disaster for the common US citizen.

When will journalists begin to behave like their forefathers did and task the system to answer the questions we need answered before we bankrupt the country and destroy the working class.

Sincerely yours in service to the profession,

Charles J. Smutny III, DO, FAAO

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