Are the AOA and ACOFP Crazy?

Dr. Bob Maurer’s response to a colleague asking this question:

They are not crazy. They are power hungry. The AOA leaders and the ACOFP leaders are driven by their own feeling of importance and by their own personal ambition to move up the ladder in their respective organizations.

With their promotion of MOC, OCC, MOL, PQRS, CAP, COMLEX, ACA, Needs Assessment, and other requirements, they have completely lost sight of their mission…which should be to represent the private practicing osteopathic physicians.

They are creating a bureaucracy where they will have total control over your initial licenses, your renewal of licenses, your office practices, your quality of care, your certifications and of your CME requirements…. all of which come with heavy fees involved.

They have already started to take punitive action against anyone that dares speak out against them, creating a form of censorship of free speech….. an apparent violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

It is very sad. It is not the same profession that we all served and that we all fought hard to preserve over the past many years.


Email from ACOFP Governor, Dr. Jeffrey Grove

August 27, 2013

ACOFP and AOA leadership met last week in Chicago to discuss our continuing partnership as well as osteopathic initiatives and training.

Representing the ACOFP were myself, ACOFP President-Elect Carol Henwood, DO, FACOFP dist.; and ACOFP Executive Director Peter Schmelzer, CAE. Representing the AOA were AOA President-Elect Robert Juhasz, DO; and AOA Executive Director Adrienne E. White-Faines, MPA.

t was a pleasure to sit down with Dr. Juhasz and Adrienne to discuss how the ACOFP and AOA can work together to ensure the continuation of our successful partnership.

Among the topics we talked about were:

    • osteopathic advocacy initiatives;
    • the proposed AOA/ACGME unified residency accreditation system;
    • the Blue Ribbon Commission Report;
    • the ACOFP Quality Markers Program;
    • application for Osteopathic Continuous Certification
    • and Physician Quality Reporting System
    • future AOA/ACOFP leadership meetings

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