MOC/OCC Status of FSMB President

A recent observation from an Ohio physician regarding the MOC/OCC status of current FSMB President Humayun Chaudhry, DO:

Dr Talmage’s statement regarding Dr Chaudhry’s DO certification is rather interesting. Dr Chaudhry was board certified by the ABIM until 2006. Looking on the DO website one finds the following record (copied below) which does not specify any particular date of certification under the DO boards or that/if he is MOC compliant.

As the DO boards have only in the past year developed the OCC MOC equivalent-it is highly unlikely that he is “compliant with MOC OR OCC”.

The fact that the FSMB has a “policy for nonclinically active Physicians to allow them to document appropriate Continuing Professional Development as an alternative” as stated by Dr Talmage,  is quite reassuring that for those “insiders of the FSMB” who chose to live above the laws dictated by the “Certification industrial Complex”, specifically our beloved ABIM, they can either switch out to some other program or simply create it “De Novo” as the president of the FSMB to meet their personal needs! Also important to recognize is the fact that the AMA PRA program has been documenting Continuing professional development/CME since the 1970 and very well thank YOU FSMB!

And our dear State Medical Board of Ohio has also been doing this for as long as I can remember-well over 30 years! Do we really need Dr Chaudhry to come to Ohio to recruit our medical board into his ‘”Certification industrial complex” or is it time to throw the FSMB and all their money grabbing schemes to the wind?
“All animals are equal-however some are more equal than others” G Orwell.

Humayun Chaudhry, DO, MS

Address: Humayun Chaudhry, DO, MS
400 Fuller Wiser Rd

EulessTX 76039-3857
Phone: (817) 868-4044
Fax: (817) 868-4144
Yahoo! Map: Map It
Primary Specialty Practice Focus:(Self-Reported) Internal Medicine
AOA Board Certified: Yes
For more Board Certification information on this physician, visit ABMS.
Osteopathic Medical College: New York College of Osteopathic Medicine
Year of Graduation: 1991
AOA Membership: AOA DO Member

3 thoughts on “MOC/OCC Status of FSMB President

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  2. The following is my belief:

    They are all so corrupt. The medical organizations that we MUST SUPPORT AND KEEP ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP OR ELSE THEY WILL REMOVE ONES’ CERTIFICATION, speaks for itself. They have destroyed medicine. I earned my degree from a United States Medical School and paid dearly for my education. Now, after the fact, the so-called worthless organizations are demanding that the doctors must keep proving their competence when other doctors who should be made to step up to the U.S.A. standards need not to. Discrimination100%! I don’t care who the organizations are, to selectively and randomly decide a cut off date for doctors who need to continually re-certify in order to keep licenses, while others that fall prior to the “cut-off” date do not have to meet mandatory standards, is just plan out right against FEDERAL LAWS and American Doctors’ Constitutional Rights.
    Their decisions and mandates will never stand up in court! They have selectively violated we doctors and need to be stopped! They all will keep taking everything away from us doctors because they fear our intelligence. Remember, this was done to us after the fact. Nothing was presented to us prior to entering medical school to make us “informed” and aware of what would be required from us, these changes were just thrown on us, and forced upon us. They use threats of do it or your certifications, and everything else that attaches to it will be taken away. I don’t like or appreciate threats or mandates that are selectively against a specific AGE GROUP of doctors, and no other profession. These mandates have absolutely no merit and they certainly are not about patient safety concerns! If the state boards were concerned about patients then they would only allow doctors to care for patients as it should be. America is the only country in the world that uses “PROVIDERS” to care for our people. This doesn’t and hasn’t cut down on the American healthcare cost, it adds to it due to all the deadly, irreversible errors that cost individuals their lives. These organizations need to be held accountable, investigated, and over thrown. They drew first blood, we didn’t. Stand up for your rights even if you must stand alone.

    Attorneys don’t have to do what some of us doctors must do. If their agencies attempted to do this to them they would have stopped them in their tracks. Doctors do not realize how intelligent they all are and how powerful they are too. Why do you think the forces are out to stop us?

    President Obama took the authority away from we doctors and destroyed the private doctor-patient relationship when he gave 100% authority to insurance companies to have the over all say as to what does or doesn’t get done for patients’ overall health care. The insurance and pharmaceutical companies are big governmental supporters. That’s where the kick backs come from. That’s why Americans’ rights are being diminished. Greed. The “GOLDEN RULE” those that own the Gold make the rules.

    One can see that the state medical boards are giving out licenses for medicine to non-physicians, “PROVIDERS” which is an insurance term to degrade doctors of their credentials. We doctors earned our degrees, worked so hard, and gave up so much in return to be able to care for patients. Now, this is being taken away from us, and everything that we were brain washed to learn is now not enough. The USA global plan is to totally reduce doctors from the American healthcare equation. Now, one can see how they intend on doing it. It is my belief that the Insurance companies have destroyed America’s health and safety, and intend on eliminating doctors from medicine. Well, maybe not all doctors, they will have one doctor for several thousand other “providers” so that the doctor can take the fall if anything goes wrong with the patient care plan, they will make the doctor “sign off for other providers care.”
    The elderly and disabled are really at risk, as are the American Veterans. The insurance company will authorize “Providers” which are NON-PHYSICIAN HEALTHCARE WORKERS to care for our people. The insurance companies and the government don’t want private practice doctors-surgeons, they want them all under an insurance controlled corporation, so when they say jump, one jumps. They want the profit!

    I am a daughter of a late WWII ARMY VETERAN who fought for this country so that I and all Americans could have a better life. I will not let anyone violate my rights or tell me what I am worth.

    One more note that I wish to share: A doctor friend of mine was in a serious motor vehicle accident and was not able to pay the student loan debt from medical school, and was refused deferment because that time was used for the residency training. The AES, American Education System told the doctor if the payments were not made that the AES would not only default the loans but would go as far as to wipe out the individual’s complete medical school training transcripts and take everything away. Therefore, the doctor wouldn’t even have the educational training documented any longer. Many people are not even aware of what these big governmental corporates can do . One would think if you worked hard, earned your degree, that it would be yours forever, but that is so untrue. Just look at what our own organizations are doing to us. Rather than fighting 100% for us they have sold us away! They are no good. USA a free country-I don’t think so. It is a controlled country, do as you are told or else!

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