Call your Senator now to defund ObamaCare

Click on link below to take action with your state senator to defund #ObamaCare.
October 1 the train wreck leaves the station.

1 thought on “Call your Senator now to defund ObamaCare

  1. The following reflects my opinion:


    Why isn’t anything being done to regulate the other professions, especially the legal-judicial professions? I believe before America can ever get any resolution to healthcare reform, the government will need to jump forward and address the real area that needs reformed, and that being, America’s judicial-legal system. Americans need to focus their attentions and demand reform of the American judicial system. Nothing is in place for judicial-legal-reform. Each state does have a disciplinary board that is there to report violations against attorneys and judges, but the board actually is there to “protect” their attorneys and judges. This board allows the accused attorneys or judges to be able to completely review the complaints against them and be informed as to who actually filed the complaint by revealing the individuals’ names. The attorneys have rights such as discovery to know who the accusers are. Whereas, in the medical world, the states medical boards are so against doctors. These boards assume that the doctors are guilty and it is up to the doctor to prove their innocence, therefore, denying the doctors of the United States due process of the law, where an individual is innocent until proven guilty! The medical boards, specifically in the state of Ohio, do not allow doctors to know who filed the complaint, the doctors are not given any information so that they can review it, they are not permitted to have or get copies of any of the board’s actual meetings regarding the complaints, and the boards will not release any information to the doctor’s attorneys. I know this to be fact when the board is investigating complaints that were filed but yet have not resulted in any formal charges against the doctors. Regardless of what phase of the medical complaint, the board does not lean in the favor of the doctors. They are very agaisnt the doctors. The medical boards indicate that they are only there to protect the public. Yet, the attorneys’ boards seem to overwhelmingly protect their members.

    Something is so very seriously wrong with this double standard. I believe that many attorneys violate their clients’ rights regularly yet nothing is being done to stop it. Clients cannot find attorneys to file legal-negligence claims against them. On the other hand, clients sure can find attorneys to file claims for medical-negligence claims. Remember, that the biggest payors for attorneys are the insurance companies so one can see why attorneys do not want to bite the hands that feeds them. The attorneys are protecting their assets.

    The USA government and the state agencies are focused on targeting the doctors, I believe. The question that I raise is why? Do the insurance companies have that much influence on these agencies? Are the insurance companies actually part of the American government? Everyone knows that the president has leaned totally in favor of them, so why is that? Are there kick backs and political bribes?

    USA does not have anything in place that really focuses on judicial and legal reform which protects the public from legal negligence. Why not? If the country wants to reform medicine then it must start with judicial reform! Attorneys are so unregulated, and it is my opinion that so many are so corrupt. They are permitted to bill their clients whatever they want, and if they know that the client is in serious criminal trouble then they raise their fees to levels that are not regulated. The attorney fees vary so sporadically from one region to the next. There is no uniformity, no capitation as on the doctors’ fees. We doctors are told what we are allowed to make and what fees we are allowed to bill for by the U.S.A. government. Yet, this practice is only focused on the medical world. The attorneys who are making more rules, regulations, and laws daily to reduce the Americans’ liberties, seems not to have any rules, regulations, and laws being made to reduce their liberties. We doctors are being unfairly targeted and regulated for reasons that have no merit.

    I believe that the insurance companies are destroying America’s healthcare and safety. Are they terrorist? Did they infiltrate our government, and are they now on a mission to destroy Americans through direct ambush of the American healthcare system which affects all of our citizens? Pharmaceutical and Insurance control are they terrorist? I believe that they all are. These companies are not regulated. Many aren’t even based in the USA. Chemicals that the pharmaceutical companies use, many come from outside of the USA. Many are unsafe. Our American citizens are chronically ill and are getting sicker daily. Could it be their medications leading to their decay and increase in cancers? Just think how easy it could be to harm our citizens through chemical-warfare. The government has focused most of its efforts against doctors, so how on earth can they be observing for these serious mistakes that can harm so many Americans?

    I encourage everyone that is reading this to please visit the website:

    It has been provided by the 1995 Constitution Society. After one has the opportunity to view this important document, then one will see that America is in an overthrow!

    We doctors must fight, because this take over will affect all citizens, so we must be the leaders to bring this into the forefront. Our medical boards and organizations are under demand from the federation to force us doctors into the illegal changes. They are being told what to do, and they too feel that they have no say over the changes that must be enforced. I say then they are not leaders, they are followers, and they too must be removed from their positions.

    If any organization doesn’t have the courage to move we doctors forward and advance medicine in a positive direction, then they must be eliminated. All of our forefathers and foremothers were leaders, they fought to make America better for us all. We just cannot allow all of their hard work to be wiped away. Our president wants us to all go forward, but he has forced the doctors to take many steps backwards. I don’t understand his reasoning. The patients are afraid, and they depend on us doctors to protect them and help them all find their way. We doctors will never let them down. We will always be there for our patients, but this must not be seen as weakness to ignore what is being done to us. We will not be abused or victimized much longer.

    The country has selectively focused illegally on the doctors and the medical world. No other profession is being controlled by the USA government, as is medicine. Since the attorneys are not running to our aid, I believe that the attorneys need to be the prime target for mandated change. There needs to be national mandates that clearly reflect the rules for them which clearly set and capitate their fees, as the government has set for we doctors. There is so much corruption worldwide; I cannot believe what the USA government is allowing, and doing to the doctors! The mandates against the doctors are so corrupt, politically motivated, unfair, and so discriminating. We are not providers, we are physicians and surgeons, and the government shows no respect for us doctors. They give us no recognition that we all deserve. I believe that we doctors are being singled out and violated both by the federal and state levels. I urge all to give attention to where attention needs to be given, that being on the American healthcare attempted overthrow of doctors.

    I wish to bring to the attention of all doctors that the HIPPA new rules go into law soon. The new rules emphasize 1.5 million dollar fines against doctors, jail, and serious violations that will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I don’t get it. What on earth is going on? We all practice and agree with patients’ protected privacy issues so why all the federal mandates. Spend the money in better areas. Rebuild America, fix our country, get people working working so that they too can pay their bills. It sure seems to me that the government wants to falsely accuse doctors of something, anything, so that they can shut them down and take back what little money that the government has paid to them. What a joke! Why hasn’t the American government praised us doctors? We are what keep Americans safe. There isn’t anything more important than health and safety, so why hasn’t the country put that first? I don’t understand the government’s reasoning. Could it be that the government’s agenda isn’t to keep Americans safe?

    Just remember that many attorneys violate clients’ rights daily, left and right, I have witnessed them releasing clieints’ protected, confidential information to parties that have no rights to this information, but the attorneys don’t suffer consequences from their continued wrongs. The government isn’t enforcing upon the attorneys mandates that are being enforced against the doctors. No other profession has been targeted by the federal and state levels as have the USA doctors in medicine. That is discrimination at its finest and it is against federal laws.

    Thank you for joining the fight.

    Where did America go?

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