Florida opposes MOC Maintenance of certification

The following resolution was just approved by the Florida Medical Association’s House of Delegates:
“RESOLVED, That the Florida Medical Association opposes any efforts by the Florida Board of Medicine and the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine to require the Federation of State Medical Boards, Inc., (FSMB) “maintenance of licensure (MOL)” program, “maintenance of certification (MOC)”, or recertification by a specialty medical board as a condition of licensure in the State of Florida, and be it further
RESOLVED, that the Florida Medical Association Delegation to the American Medical Association submit a similar resolution for national consideration.”

3 thoughts on “Florida opposes MOC Maintenance of certification

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  2. This MOC and MOL is a criminal scheme of a few board bureaucrats most of whom do not practice any clinical medicine. They intend to rob us of our valuable time, energy and hard earned money. If we as doctors submit to these outrageous requirements and new regulations we are effectively driving another nail into the coffin of our profession and entering a new era of professional serfdom. time when some corrupt board official will exert their will over a practicing clinician and make it more difficult to do what we all love to do which is to treat our patients. They intend to do this incrementally so that we may not feel to full weight of these regulations but then they will gradually turn the heat up. It is like throwing a frag into hot water and then it will jump right out. But if you gradually turn the heat it will stay in the water and cook to death. We must sue this people and get politically organized or they will keep coming after us with new regulations and new mandates. How much more are we willing to put up with? Is there anything that we as doctors will not put up with?

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