AOA: Rights of private physicians and patients?

To Laura Wooster at AOA

Thanks for the SGR update.

May I now ask what the AOA is doing for Osteopathic physicians who have opted out of Medicare as well as most other third party insurers?

Is the AOA planning on protecting the rights of individual physicians to work outside the SGR government insurance system by declaring it a safe alternative to becoming further addicted to government and third party money for independent practice survival?

I ask because most all of what I have been receiving from the AOA in their daily briefs and updates is how the AOA has a seat at the table and is working for Osteopathic physicians. Well not all Osteopathic physicians want to work within the straight-jacket of the present system and instead are taking their skills direct to their communities and patients. I see more and more stories every day of doctors leaving group and hospital practices to go out on their own and once again hang up their shingle.

I ask you when will we see the AOA declare that private independent physicians will be safe from government and insurers edicts because the AOA represents all physicians, not just those that have succumbed to the changes in the present healthcare system?

When will the AOA realize that private physicians have respectable niches in their communities and the AOA’s decision to begin OCC (Osteopathic Continuous Certification) is only designed to make us all look alike for hospitals, insurers and government?

When will the AOA start representing first and foremost its member physicians instead of a political system bent on changing everything about our noble profession. It does not matter which political party is in charge, politicians want to control the flow of money and by the AOA being at the table, the AOA is only giving the politicians more power. Expect to be eaten up by the politicians. Whatever they promise rarely occurs. If they give you two dollars today they will find a way to take ten dollars from you tomorrow.

It is time the AOA trusts its member physicians and removes itself from the begging at the feet of politicians, and endorses a return of the Osteopathic principles and practice of treating individuals, not insurance, not administrators, not populations, and definitely not covered lives.

If you would like to discuss this further feel free to contact me at any time.

Steven Horvitz, D.O.

One thought on “AOA: Rights of private physicians and patients?

  1. Well said Dr. Horvitz! The AOA and all the other boards and organizations don’t care at all about the doctors; they sold us all away. They are all no good! These are the same corporations that remove our degree credentials and titles. They don’t even have respect for their doctor members so how on earth are they to be leaders of our medical profession? They just aren’t qualified. The ABOFP sends the testing sites for re-certifications, doctors that are candidates for testing but the deliberately remove all of us doctors’ degree credentials from are names, which is illegal! When the organizations that we are forced to pay and keep membership in don’t respect us doctors and address us appropriately, then the rest of the world will take the lead. Demand respect from our professional organizations. Demand that our titles and degree designations stay attached to our names. We earned our educational rights to be addressed as a doctor! These companies want to equate us with the non-physician providers, go with the trend of the politically involved insurance companies that are destroying medicine. They wish to deceive the American public from knowing who is a doctor. The insurance companies are using non-physician extenders providers to care for our people but they want the people to think that they are doctors so if they remove titles and degrees from all doctors then it will be easier to do. The pharmacies have removed “Doctor” from their prescription labels, now it shows “Provider” or “Prescriber.” Demand that your local pharmacies respect your title and degree and have it documented on all of the prescriptions that one writes. It is a legal part of our name, to remove it from our name is illegal and will not be tolerated.
    If our medical organizations don’t get on board and fight for we doctors then we will protest them all out of office, or better yet put them out of business.
    Our organizations need to be involved with each states’ medical boards and see how badly they treat doctors and are getting away with it illegally. Doctors are not the enemy. The organizations are not doing enough for the rights of the doctors. We will hold them all responsible for the down fall of medicine. They are all cowards!

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