We are physicians, not “providers” nor “practitioners.”

FYI: We are not “providers,” nor practitioners.” We are physicians with at minimum of 11 years of graduate, doctoral, and post graduate residency education. The other two are insurance industry terms to homogenize, demoralize and unincentivize doctorate postgraduate trained physicians.

The insurance industry began referring to physical therapists as “providers,” around 1970. Decades later, they extrapolated the term to apply to any entirely or person that provides a healthcare service to their insureds. People may be insureds to the insurers, but are patients to physicians; a unique relationship with special responsibilities and privileges.

The AOA, AMA and all physicians cannot accept or employ these insurance industry bastardization terms. We are what we are, what we believe we are, what we say we are, what we demonstrate we are, not what opposing factions imply we are.

We are post doctorate level physicians with lifelong continuing education and experience; nothing less.


3 thoughts on “We are physicians, not “providers” nor “practitioners.”

  1. Most good physician organizations like mine (Texas Medical Association) have policy against using the term “provider” because it is indeed professionally demeaning.

    I don’t make a habit of defending the AMA, but in this case they’re right with you and have been for nearly 20 years. AMA policy: “2. Our AMA: (a) considers the generic terms “health care providers” or “providers” as inadequate to describe the extensive education and qualifications of physicians licensed to practice medicine in all its branches; (b) will institute an editorial policy prohibiting the use of the term “provider” in lieu of “physician” or other health professionals for all AMA publications not otherwise covered by the existing JAMA Editorial Governance Plan, which protects editorial independence of the Editor in Chief of JAMA and the Archives Journals; and (c) will forward to the editorial board of JAMA the recommendation that the term “physician” be used in lieu of “provider” when referring to MDs and DOs. (Sub. Res. 712, I-94; Reaffirmed: Res. 226, I-98; Reaffirmation I-99; Res. 605, A-09; Reaffirmed: CLRPD Rep. 1, A-09)”

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