Dr. Smutny’s response to Dr. Levine at AOA

Dr. Levine,

Many of us assume, that by your e-mail, you are in fact one of the primary sources. If not, please feel free to e-mail us the correct primary sources so that we may take this to that level.

Please feel free to supply ALL the data, ALL the votes, ALL the answers you have circulated, the possible resolutions offered by members of the profession and the entire process that you used to arrive at your conclusions.

If you are to represent the entire profession you must interact with the entire profession and document it clearly. You must also make that information available to those you would represent.

You can “reply all” if you think that will ease the process.

Your assumption that we do not attempt to address the primary sources is in grave error. Please check your personal and AOA e-mail and the respective spam boxes therein for verification of our contacting you directly and the cc on each that has gone to other Leaders in our profession.

Respectfully yours in service to our patients and our communities,

Charles J. Smutny III, DO, FAAO

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