9 key questions about AOA sharing data with FSMB

Dear Drs. Stowers, Vinn & Crosby,

In last night’s DO update email, it was mentioned that AOA is releasing “data” on certification to FSMB. Thanks to John for making the AOA’s plans and actions clear on a daily basis. The information, though, was missing significant detail on this new recurring event commitment. Please answer the following questions, point by point, in detail for the DO membership, perhaps in a publication or email:

1. At what AOA general membership meeting was it decided to begin reporting DOs certification data to the FSMB?

2. What data is being shared, were personal identifiers removed, and how was it collected?

3. Does the AOA realize this action may have adverse consequences for its DO members in good faith?

4. Many DO members are opposed to OCC/MOC. Why is the AOA pursuing it?

5. Many DO members are opposed to MOL. Why is the AOA pursuing it?

6. How much money does the AOA make from OCC/MOC leading to MOL?

7. Did the AOA ask permission of the profession to release the data?

8. What right does the AOA have to violate DOs civil and professional rights by reporting data to licensure boards?

9. What is the opt out process and has the AOA made DOs aware of it?

Best wishes for good health,
Craig M. Wax, DO
Family physician, Editorial Board of Medical Economics
Corresponding author for DOs COMITT

AOA shares verification data with FSMB | IP4PI – Independent Physicians for Patient independence

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