Resolution from Harris County to be presented to Texas Medical Association

Whereas, There are no data demonstrating that implementing MOL requirements beyond Texas’ prescribed CME requirements would provide enhanced quality of care to our patients; and

Whereas, As many as twenty-five (25) percent of all physicians currently practicing medicine in the U.S. have never been board certified and are thus actively excluded from entry into MOC programs, creating hardship if imposed; and

Whereas, fifty (50) percent of all board-certified physicians in the U.S. currently have lifelong certificates, have been and continue to practice as board-certified physicians, and are also similarly non-eligible for MOC programs; and

Whereas, Physicians who hold a lifetime board certification are not exempt from the MOL requirements; and

Whereas, Legislation has greatly expanded the scope of practice of care to lesser educated “midlevel providers” (i.e., nurse practitioners, physician assistants, CRNAs, etc.); and

Whereas, Driving experienced physicians out of practice because of onerous, costly requirements will result in still more patients being forced to turn to non-physicians for care; and

Whereas, Other States, most notably Ohio, have taken a proactive stance in opposing these new bureaucratic burdens to be placed on practicing physicians; and

Whereas, There is no existing Texas Medical Association policy calling for opposition to Maintenance of Licensure (MOL); therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Texas Medical Association oppose any efforts by the Texas Medical Board to require the Federation of State Medical Boards’ “Maintenance of Licensure (MOL)” program as a condition of licensure; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the TMA actively oppose any effort by the Texas Medical Board to unilaterally implement different Maintenance of Licensure requirements other than those currently in place for physicians in Texas.

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