Now is the time for all physicians to act

The perfect storm in medicine – a time of chaos

“Now is the time for all good physicians to come to their own aid, their professions’ and that of their patients,” Craig M. Wax, DO

Let me summarize the issues in medicine, potentially changing or eliminating your practice of medicine:

1. Government intrusion in all processes and care since Medicare began in 1965 and intensified with the passage of PPACA Obamacare 2010.

2. Health Insurance intrusion in all processes and care since employer sponsored benefits were encouraged by the government during world war II.

3. EHR – Forced participation in digital data entry and manipulation as a requirement for compensation since HiTech Act of 2009.

4. The regulatory capture of the practice of medicine by the AMA and AOA with maintenance of certification (MOC) and osteopathic continuous certification(OCC) overseen by the federal government with maintenance of licensure(MOL).

5. The externally forced shift in care from Hippocratic patient-oriented care to that of Plato’s socialized herd population medicine as in Europe and Canada, or PPACA Obamacare fascist medicine, run by private entities but ruled by government with the rule of law.

6. Medical care is the only business or service in the US that is not paid for directly by the one receiving the service at the time of the service. It is beholden to third party insurance
companies for payment or denial at a later date.

7. More and more medical care is being delivered by masters degree “practitioners;” namely nurse practitioners(NP) and physicians assistants(PA) as a cheaper substitute for doctorate postgraduate residency trained physicians.

Most importantly, I present a call to action on all these issues, lest we lose our right to practice and thousands of years of independent individual patient care philosophy on which we swore an oath when we entered this profession. As physicians, we are occupied every minute with patient care. We have become overrun with insurance processes, government compliance and unrealistic costs, time demands to complete arbitrary tasks for maintenance of certification, and, if government succeeds in its quest for regulatory capture, just to maintain your medical license to legally practice medicine in your state.

The game is on and the power struggle to control costs by controlling your practice of medicine and your patients’ care needs and wants. Organizations in the fight are IP4PI, AAPS and D4PC. Independent Physicians for Patient Independence (IP4PI) on Facebook, Twitter @IP4PI, blog action plan at Association of American Physicians and Surgeons on the web at, facebook, and Twitter @AAPSonline. Doctors for Patient Care on the web at, facebook and Twitter @D4PC and @D4PCalliance. The Benjamin Rush society is on the web at and Twitter at @benrushsociety. Also check out for MOL, OCC and MOC resistance information.

Make a plan for a direct pay patient practice, disenroll from health insurance network contracts, and resist ANY additional board or licensure testing or data submission. Fight for your right to practice and for your patients’ care as individuals.

1 thought on “Now is the time for all physicians to act

  1. This is a very succinct and cogent statement regarding the state of the art of medicine. It can be disregarded – at your peril – if you prefer receiving health care from politicians instead of doctors.

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