Physician champions of MOC OCC MOL don’t participate.

Dear Colleagues:

After reading the open access article clearly documenting the widespread failure of ABIM executive and board members to participate in MOC: Buscemi D., Wang H., Phy M., Nugent K. Maintenance of Certification in Internal Medicine: Participation Rates and Patient Outcomes. Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives 2012, 2: 19753 (which is available online at: ), I took a little time today and researched the MOC background of several chief executives of the ABMS and FSMB. I found that the new (ABMS) American Board of Medical Specialties president and chief executive officer, Dr Lois Margaret Nora, who began serving in the roles on June 29, offers her personal perspective at:

Dr. Nora, MD, JD, MBA had so many letters behind her name, I thought she was certainly well certified in her medical profession! This was a grave error. It turns out she certified in Internal Medicine in 1987, and never, ever recertified or engaged in MOC based on the official information from the “ABMS search engine”. The ABIM specifically states in the physicians data:” Certificates awarded in Internal Medicine prior to 1990 do not require renewal. However, ABIM encourages all diplomates voluntarily to renew certificates relevant to their practice.” -What gall and hypocrisy! Dr Nora herself stated: “but many physicians speak of its relevance to their practice, professional pride in their ABMS member board certification, commitment to career-long learning and assessment, dedication to quality patient care, and the importance of demonstrating that dedication to their patients and communities.”
It is clear that Dr Nora sure has no personal knowledge or commitment evident to Recertification or MOC in ANY way! I checked at the ABMS website and found the following information:

Name : Nora , Lois Margaret M.D.
City : Chicago
State : IL

Specialty or Subspecialty
Certification History
Status as of 1/13/2013
Certificate No. 29063
Certified on 01/30/1987
certificate valid indefinitely
Certification Status: Certified
MOC Status: Not Meeting MOC Requirements and Is Not Required To Do So
Clinical Status: Unknown

So it is evident that she is personally Exempt from MOC and possibly doesn’t even practice medicine to any significant degree ( “Clinical Status: Unknown”) , but as the new American Board of Medical Specialties president and chief executive officer
She is mandating working physicians “do as I say and not as I do”. As I was on a roll, I went further and researched Humayun J. Chaudhry, DO, MS, FACP, FACOI, Secretary, FEDERATION OF STATE MEDICAL BOARDS (FSMB) President/CEO. The FSMB is the perpetrator of the Maintenance of Licensure (MOL) program. Turns out that he is not even certified at present and is not enrolled in MOC either and probably has not practiced medicine for very long time. Now finding that information was a bit harder, as he is a DO. But none the less via the AIBM doctor search we find the following from ABIM website :

Dr. Humayun Javaid Chaudhry
Certification Area
Certification Status
Certification History
Internal Medicine
Not Certified
Certified 08/21/1996, Certificate valid through 12/31/2006

Dr Chaudhry is however willing to tell everyone that the FSMB Maintenance of licensure program is so wonderful, as to force physicians to do MOC, just to maintain a state license. This Hypocritical trend is further found in the histories of Dr Robert Wachter (ABIM Chairman) and Christine Cassel’s (ABIM President) histories !
SO the heads of the two Primary MOC & MOL organizations do not even believe in their programs enough to personally participate as they prescribe. How low do you go! Just say NO to MOC and MOL. Certifing once for life as “Board Certified” is clearly a past tense event-nothing more! This is born true by all the esperts at both the FSMB and ABMS organizations. Recertification and MOC are just tickets to be punched as job applicants-but of no real intrinsic medical value!


Dr. Robert Mark Wachter
Certification Area
Certification Status
Certification History
Internal Medicine
Certified 09/10/1986, Certificate valid indefinitely
Certificate voluntarily renewed 04/17/2009, Certificate valid through 12/31/2019
Certificates awarded in Internal Medicine prior to 1990 do not require renewal. However, ABIM encourages all diplomates voluntarily to renew certificates relevant to their practice.

Dr. Christine Karen Cassel
Certification Area
Certification Status
Certification History
Internal Medicine
Certified 09/12/1979, Certificate valid indefinitely
Certificates awarded in Internal Medicine prior to 1990 do not require renewal. However, ABIM encourages all diplomates voluntarily to renew certificates relevant to their practice.
Geriatric Medicine
Certified 01/01/1998, Certificate valid through 12/31/2004
Certified 02/17/2005, Certificate valid through 12/31/2015

4 thoughts on “Physician champions of MOC OCC MOL don’t participate.

  1. William J. Bremner, MD
    American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Board of Directors

    First, last, and only board certification occurred in June 1972!

    What a hypocrite!

    Dr. Bremner, a board certified internist, is the Robert G. Petersdorf Endowed Chair in Medicine and Professor and Chair of the Department of Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine. He is Co-Founder and Director of the Center for Research in Reproduction and Contraception at the University of Washington. Funded continuously by the NIH since 1979, the Center investigates the basic biology of male reproduction, infertility and contraception. Dr. Bremner is also an active physician and teacher at University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle.

    He is the author or co-author of over 200 scientific publications and over 50 book chapters and has held more than 100 invited lectureships and visiting professorships around the world over the past 25 years. He is a member of Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honorary and a recipient of the Henry Christian Award for Excellence in Research from the American Federation for Clinical Research. In 2003, he received the University of Washington School of Medicine Distinguished Alumni Award; and in 2005, he was given the Mayo Soley Award by the Western Society for Clinical Investigation in recognition of lifetime achievement in scientific endeavors and for his concern for junior faculty. He has been elected to the scientific and honorary societies: American Society for Clinical Investigation and the Associations of American Physicians.

    He is the past President of the Association of Professors of Medicine (APM) and the American Society of Andrology. He has served on numerous national and international bodies, including NIH review groups, the Steering Committee for the World Health Organization Special Program on Research in Human Reproduction and the Expert Advisory Committee, Agency for International Development/CONRAD Program and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Blue Ribbon Panel on Academic Affiliations.

    • This is EXACTLY LIKE THE GOVERNMENT VOTING IN OBAMACARE BUT VOTING THEMSELVES EXEMPT!!! The very thing that made me the most angry about the whole Bush-n-Obamacare fiasco. I’ll take the MOC when they do. No, let me rephrase that. I’ll take the MOC when all the Senators and Congressmen and the president of the U.S. take tests to see if they’re competent to be doing their job.
      I’m pretty sure the reason these doctors who run the MOC won’t take it is because it would be waaaaay too embarrassing when these people failed the test. Like most of us, they’re specialized to what they do on a daily basis (trying to run our lives). Of course these docs who have students and residents to do all their work in the hospital and clinic for them just love to tell us what we should be doing while not having to participate themselves and we just keep giving in. May we have another, ma-am or sir? Must be pretty sweet to sit up there in that Ivory Tower, earning $800,000.00 and barking orders at the peon little soldiers on the front lines down below. Where do I sign up for that job? I’ll take it! Unfortunately, the government will continue to listen to these high priced nuts in the teaching realm for advice on how to control us unruly doctors. Wanna know why? BECAUSE WE LET THEM.
      I just got back from a 5 day cram-course for MOC recertification. I didn’t go because I intend to take the test. I enjoy the learning of what’s new in the world of medicine, but it had so very little applicable information to my everyday practice as a community doctor. I don’t ever set up a ventilator. I don’t work the ER…EVER. I don’t take care of a single HIV patient and even if I did diagnose it, I’m highly encouraged to send them to the HIV specialists in the city nearby. It’s the same thing for pulmonary artery hypertension, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. Even in the conference they tell you to manage the patient only so far and then send them to a specialty clinic. The conference was held in Atlanta, a 3.5 Hour drive from here, so we were pretty much forced to stay in a hotel near to the conference center downtown at about $250 a night. It was $12 extra a day if you wanted internet access in your room, by the way. There was no such thing as cheap food there, so my partner and I split every meal. I lost 3 days of work ($4050 at least) in addition to the $1,365 it would cost me to take the test. There’d be lots more lost time = money to study on my own, learning things I never see or do here in our small town clinic. I simply refuse.
      Doctors, unless we stand up and fight, these hypocrites WILL have enough money = power to push the government for even more control of our lives (and likely already do). WE ARE THE ONES FUNDING EVEN MORE ASININE CONTROL OVER US! It’s out of control and we need to stand up for our precious financial resources and time.
      Think about it. Obama promised us primary care docs that if we just jumped through all the idiotic hoops they’d invented for us, we’d be getting a 2% raise. Well, just when they were about to give us primary care doctors a raise, the government cut Medicare payments by 2% for a net gain to us of $0.00 for the thousands spent getting “up to code.”
      Why do we put up with this? Because we’re brainwashed cowards, that’s why.
      WE DON’T HAVE TO TAKE IT. We recently simply told two different big insurance companies that we were not going to bow to their recent demands. One Medicare advantage plan asked us to sign a contract that would pay us only 60% of what Medicare paid them for our in-house labs! We told them we wouldn’t sign the contract. We also told them we’d be happy to suggest to their patients which insurances we would be taking once their angry patients started calling us to find out why we could no longer see them. They capitulated and agreed to pay us the 100% of what Medicare allows.
      Then Blue Advantage said that we’d have to figure a way to add a special code that documented that HbA1c was indeed checked and a second line somehow on the billing that gives them the results of the HbA1c that was drawn. They wanted us to document, with special new codes that systolic and diastolic BP were indeed checked as well. They also wanted similar documentation that BMI was actually done and they wanted us to code it in the problem list. Basically, they wanted to not have to send out employees to check our records… they wanted us to do that job for them!! We told them the same thing we told Cigna and guess what? They backed down too!
      We can stand up to tyranny, it’s just scary. If doctors would say, “Fine, if I can’t be an admitting MD without MOC re-certification, then take me out of the admitting rotation and rounds, for that matter. In addition, I won’t be helping to train medical students who will be your future admitting physicians. Find someone else.” I’ll take a wild bet that these hospitals would cave in with the first doctor to take a stand. We doctors act like we need them when the truth is THEY NEED US TO TURN A BUCK. Without admitting doctors, hospitals go under. If we simply keep in mind that it is all about money and follow the money trail, we’ll see that it is us doctors who make money for the hospital, not the other way around. Sadly, most of us doctors are way too scared to do anything but whine and complain.
      ENOUGH IS ENOUGH people. Let’s take back medicine!!!

  2. Most likely Dr. Cassel’s salary of about $800,000 is not enough to pay for the costs of recertification in internal medicine

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