Courage to fight MOC OCC MOL and regulatory capture of medicine

Dear Editor of Medical Economics Journal,

Thank you for the December 25, 2012 edition of Med Ec on “Health & Wellness,” publishing multiple letters criticizing MOC/OCC and MOL article by Lois Margaret Nora, MD, JD, MBA. Practicing physicians, both DO and MD, appreciate the vigorous discussion in the letter section criticizing MOC/OCC and MOL for the sham that it is. The new processes, in order to appease federal government and so called, “organized medicine,” have no data to establish them as valid to improve patient care, They are mega-money generating procedures for the certifying boards(ABMS and AOBMS), AMA and AOA. Further they add to physicians financial and time burdens to complete the arduous expensive procedures. Furthermore, they detract from patient care by taking the physician’s time and effort away from patient interaction time, which is critical to individual and population healthcare success. Ultimately MOC/OCC leads to MOL and the regulatory capture of the practice of medicine. Medicine will no longer be an independent physician, individual patient, health seeking process, but a government algorithm driven, cost containment system. I, and other physicians will not allow ourselves and our patients to become “government designated canaries in the healthcare coal mine.”

Thank for your courage in tackling the practice and economics of medicine from all angles and sides.

Best wishes for good health,

Dr. Craig M. Wax
Family Physician/Host of Your Health Matters

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