We heal, they all kill, it’s as simple as that.

Dr. Gina Reghetti looks at the consequences of the continued undermining of the patient-physician relationship:

Yes, they make me so sick. They are killing our profession faster than we can move to prevent it. Obama has really hurt the nation and he continues to bring on total destruction. Corporates controlling everything in medicine, running us all over.

Just as they are doing to the general public with all of their sugary poisonous foods that they sell to public and brainwash public on. People in USA are the sickest people chronically in the world, other countries the people get sick and die, here they are kept alive until their estates are drained, and they have nothing left, then life-lines are cut.

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AOA House acknowledges urgency of combating medical student depression

Gina Reghetti, DO writes:

If the AOA really cared about their medical students then they would assist and join doctors with our fight to Impeach Obama, and rid forever his ACA! That’s why the students are depressed Dr. Wax, because they devote their lives to learning medicine but will reap no rewards; most probably won’t be permitted to be doctors without large fees to maintain their licenses and large fees to jump through the “controllers” so-called non-sense, non-scientific agendas, to become corporately owned. Sure, who wouldn’t be depressed. I’m depressed! All doctors are down because they are being so severely restricted to do what they all do best; practice medicine. What’s next? Are the “Controllers” going to claim that we should no longer be in private independent practice because we might suffer from depression? Are they trying to connect mental health stability issues with the practice of medicine as the government has done to our American Veterans that were awarded with their disabilities for PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, then told that now they no longer are permitted to own guns? Really, since when does the AOA care about the doctors’ welfare? Since I have been in practice I don’t recall the AOA or any other medical organization taking concern about the health of us doctors. They all just use us and abuse us. Tired of their politically corrupt agendas and their war against doctors.


expose this corporate regulatory capture of medicine for the business it is

Dr. Paul Kempen replies to report that ABMS held if’s “first 2-day Forum on Organizational Quality Improvements, a poster session outlined 27 examples of successful quality improvement initiatives, such as a program to reduce adverse drug events and another to educate pregnant women with congenital heart disease.” 

As the ABMS has no oversight and the production of these “practice improvement modules occurs to facilitate and finance ABMS corporate programs, it is important to realize this unregulated industry is using patients (and physicians) as guinea pigs without their knowledge, informed consent or IRB approval. This referenced study illustrates the problem, turning a QI program into a MOC product, with retrospective IRB deferral to enable publication. The Medical Journals, being infiltrated by ABMS personnel will approve such studies facilitating their profits-studies in no way scientifically based or producing results.

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Enough is Enough: AOA and IOM vs. Osteopathic Education

AOA quote:

The A​merican Osteopathic Association (AOA), the national professional membership organization for the nation’s more than 104,000 osteopathic physicians (DOs) and osteopathic medical students, applauds members of the Institute of Medicine’s Committee on the Governance and Financing of Graduate Medical Education (GME) for their work on the comprehensive report, Graduate Medical Education That Meets The Nation’s Health Needs. Specific acknowledgment goes out to Barbara Ross-Lee, DO, Vice President for Health Science and Medical Affairs, New York Institute of Technology, for representing the osteopathic medical profession.

Let me get this straight, the woman (Barbara Ross-Lee, DO) that single handedly took apart three osteopathic institutions and removed nearly all of the Osteopathic components of education that made them osteopathic at all including the faculty and the curriculum is being applauded for her leadership and representation of the Osteopathic community at the IOM? Regardless of the accolades, laurels and academic achievement she may have achieved, she does not represent me or Osteopathy in any way that has real meaning.

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What would happen if doctors say goodbye to the AOA?

Guest post from Gina Reghetti, D.O.

What would happen if doctors would no longer be members of the AOA? Here’s the power that they exert on us. Once we are no longer “Active” members with the AOA, they will immediately make our board certifications which are “Time-Limited,” go “Inactive.” I know that is illegal. It is a violation. Let’s stand united to seek justice.

I also believe that “Time-Dating” Certifications is illegal! Mandatory Membership is not a good idea; it’s control. Whenever one doesn’t have an option, then that puts individuals at risk due to loss of FREEDOMS. Continue reading

Dr. Ben Carson for Pres. 2016 supports freemarket healthcare & competition

Dr. Craig M. Wax was privileged to speak with Dr. Ben Carson on the conference call tonight. Dr. Wax made a statement about re establishing a robust freemarket in health insurance and hospital competition to bring quality and best price to market. He echoed my sentiment and said “Dr. Wax, I couldn’t have said it better myself.” Dr. Ben Carson 2016 is part of the solution to prevent America’s decline.

Letter to AOA President on AOA plan for ACGME takeover of OGME

Dr. Juhasz,

Just when did AOAs dues paying osteopathic physician membership and societies get to feedback alternative ideas and weigh in on OGME funding options as you stated in your Med Ec interview below? Not at all. The AOA trustees unilaterally make the decision some time ago. Many DOs and many component specialty societies like AOCD were dead set against the ACGME takeover, or, at least wanting defined terms and conditions set like ACOFP, otherwise bail out. Never did the AOA solicit member opinions or allow input, let alone dissent against the preset policy OGME sellout to ACGME takeover. AOA top-down propaganda are not grass-roots fact. Has the AOA administration learned nothing from the failed AMA takeover in California in 1960?

Quote: Juhasz says AOA members have had ample time to consider the agreement and offer input. “We’ve been having an ongoing dialogue with ACGME since 2012 that’s been reported to the membership,” he says. Since arriving at the agreement in February, “there have been multiple opportunities for dialogue with the profession at state and specialty society meetings to help them understand how we’ve moving forward.” http://medicaleconomics.modernmedicine.com/medical-economics/news/allopathic-osteopathic-graduate-training-programs-unify-accreditation-process

We’re being forceably strapped into AOA’s leftist liberal agenda “moving forward” off the government debt cliff, like the current US administration. No, thank you. As a private practice DO and AOA member for 20 years, I protest. And if you think I’m the only one… You will see.

After twenty years of increasing AOA corporatization and weak physician leadership, now is your chance at the helm. Steer our 140 year old brave physician profession into independence and freedom for the betterment of the patient-physicians relationship, away from government, hospital health system and special interest dependence. The choice is yours. We are all making ours.

Best wishes for good health,
Craig M. Wax, DO
Family physician, Editorial Board of Medical Economics
Host of Your Health Matters
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Twitter @drcraigwax
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